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World Environmental Day

This Sunday, 5th June is World Environmental Day (DAY) and every year since 1973 this day has been to help stimulate awareness of the environment within countries all over the world. This Sunday, 5th June is World Environmental Day (DAY)

Gurten Music Festival (The Gurtenfestival)

The Gurtenfestival is a 4-day music festival hosted in Bern, Switzerland and this year’s lineup include the Arctic Monkeys, Jamiroquai, the Kaiser Chiefs and many more! We will also be there with the HI Sleep Zone where you can chill

Fancy a Stay in a Highland Castle?

Carbisdale Castle Hostel can be found in the highlands of Scotland and offers the fantastic opportunity to stay in a real castle! Find out why this castle earns its well-deserved place in our Inspire Me section and learn about some

Multistage Hostel Bookings with My Itinerary

Being able to book multiple hostels in one go is one of the benefits of booking with Hostelling International. The ‘My Itinerary’ function adds great flexibility with multiple bookings and it is just so easy to use!Being able to book

Regions of Spain Part 1: Andalucia to the Basque Country

Many people travel to Spain for the fantastic weather, beaches and Mediterranean lifestyle. However, Spain offers so much more to its guests and this ‘Regions of Spain’ is the first of a 3 part series providing a small taster of

Fancy Spending Time in a Prison?

Långholmen Hostel in Stockholm is a former prison recently converted into a fantastic hostel. This Prison hostel offers you the unique experience to stay behind bars with the opportunity to leave whenever you like.Långholmen Hostel in Stockholm is a former

HIhostels.com 5th Anniversary Celebrations

It is the 5th anniversary of hihostels.com website and as a special thank you to everyone we would like to offer something back. Find out about our two fun competitions, HI-5ive Hostel Awards and more!

Best HI Hostel and Why (Competition)

Today is the 5th anniversary of hihostels website and to help celebrate we would like to invite you to tell us and all our visitors which is your best HI hostel and why. As a thank you for telling us

Best Advice for Newbie Hostellers (Competition)

As part of our 5th anniversary for hihostels website, we are running this fun competition for our visitors to leave their best advice for newbie hostellers. This is great for our first-time hostellers and also great for you as you

A Brief History of Hostelling International

A brief history of over 100 years hostelling which started with German schoolteacher Richard Schirrmann creating the world’s first Jugendherberge (youth hostel) in 1912. We now have over 4,000 hostels world-wide and this is a short history of how we

Welcome to our Travel Blog!

Our travel blog is finally here and we are looking forward to posting some great content for you including all about our great hostels; the many countries you can find them, and how fantastic it is to be a member