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Hostelling For Green World in Seoul

2011 World Youth Rally

2011 World Youth RallyThe 2011 World Youth Rally is now in its 36th year and this great event is currently being held in our Seoul Olympic Youth Hostel which is located in the grounds of the famous Olympic Park in Seoul. The event runs up until Saturday 6th August and will be attended by over 200 youths from 8 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Pakistan and Korea.

In addition, 35 participants from other countries are scheduled to stay an extra 3 more days with the host families and attend the special homestay program arranged by the “Bundang Seohyeon Youth Center” and the “Hosteling International Club Korea” (Youth Club OB Member).

Hostelling For Green World

Hostelling For Green WorldThe theme for the 2011 World Youth Rally is ‘Hostelling For Green World’ and the hosts HI Korea hopes that participants become aware of the problems on environmental pollution due to excessive use of energy and disposable product, and the limited supply of resources. One of the great activities being run at the event is to offer a chance for participants to come up with their own solutions to ease the problems on our earth through 2011 World Youth Rally. We are delighted to be at the event and completely support ‘Hostelling For Green World’ in line with our dedication for promoting Sustainable Tourism practices with our hostel members and National Associations.

Activity Making ClothbagWhat we can doWorld Youth Rally Vietnamese

We have many more photos of this wonderful event on our HI-Sustainability Facebook page in the World Youth Rally album.

These are some of the great ideas from the delegates for Hostelling for a Green World. Please feel free to add your own!

  • Please use public transport (use bicycle when travelling short distances)
  • Use personal cups instead of disposable ones
  • Try not to leave any food after eating
  • Share the ideas of how to protect the environment with foreign friends
  • Grow more trees
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Use of local products
  • Use stairs instead of elevator
  • Preserve Nature
  • Use environmentally friendly products

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