An interview with Rick Mereki (Director of Move, Learn, Eat)

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August 16, 2011


Earlier today we posted an article about the internet phenomena that is Move, Learn, Eat. These short films are the definition of viral, if you are yet to see them then watch out as you no doubt soon will. Our blogger Joel Buckland caught up with Rick Mereki, the director of these increasing popular films for a short interview. Here is how it went.




Let’s start by learning a little about who you are and where you come from?

I’m a freelance film maker (mainly music videos and experimental visuals) sand illustrator from Melbourne Australia.

Your team is made up of the three of you and your music composer. How did you all meet?

The Team is made up of myself, good friend Tim White, an amazing cameraman and editor and Andy, a school friend of Tim’s and actor up in Sydney!! And Kelsey and i have known each other for a long time … a Melbourne based singer/songwriter. She puts her whole heart into everything she does and is one of the most talented and amazing people i have ever met.

What made you choose to do these videos and why the themes Move, Learn, Eat?

Everyone travels for different reasons…. we chose these themes because they would be dynamic, inspiring, and fun in that order (move,eat,learn)

You mention on your Vimeo page that you visited 11 countries. Which countries and why?

I will post the full list of countries on my blog ( soon … countries were chosen solely for the purpose of shooting this film.

With so much footage collected are you planning on creating any more work with it?

There is a chance the world will get to see more of Andy’s face … Stay Tuned!

Did the three of you get on the whole time?

Yes ……. for the most part…. but working 18 hour days and catching flights every 48-72 hours is bound to cause some strain…. we found if it was all getting a bit crazy … we would stop everything get a couple of beers and just sit on the street and reflect on the moment…. sometimes we got caught up so much in making the films that we forgot to smell the roses….

Can you tell us about your favourite experiences during this project?

All the things that went wrong…. were the catalyst for something amazing … A burning plane, an exploding volcano, a 48 hour bus ride to nowhere, everything that went wrong manifested itself in a “imagine if that hadn’t happened then we wouldn’t be experiencing this” type thing … amazing wouldn’t change a thing !!

What advice if any would you give other travellers eager to go exploring?

Leave all you insecurities at the door …  the most amazing thing about travelling to a new country is that it allows you to shed the skin of who you are… can be free to be the kind of person you have always wanted to be…….then open your heart up to everyone and everything….. The world will open up in front you.

Before we go can we get an update on how many views you now have for these videos?

At last count….. Well over 10 million views of all films on all platforms … crazy……. amazing.

Rick added at the end “It has been a completely life changing experience……”

Here at Hostelling International we are extremely pleased that Rick and his team were daring enough to attempt such a project. The videos have been shared throughout our office and beyond. Well done to the whole team and thank you. We look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

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