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New HIsustainable Twitter Profile

@HIsustainable is on Twitter!

We are pleased to announce we have a new presence on Twitter. We have recently created a Twitter profile specifically for sharing our Sustainable Tourism program on this great social media channel. Please visit our HIsustainable Twitter profile and let us know what you think!

HIsustainable Twitter Profile

Brianda Lopez, our HI Sustainability Development Coordinator has been busy discussing our sustainable projects and achievements and also sharing great resources from sustainable, green and eco websites to our followers.

Twitter provides an excellent platform for real-time discussions and we are pleased to offer this new platform alongside our HI Hostels profile @hostelling for our followers who are keenly interested in sustainability issues.

We are committed to Sustainable Tourism and we have a great section on our website that details our Sustainable Tourism strategy, projects and achievements. We know it’s not possible to be 100% sustainable as every industry has its impact, but we can do a lot of things to become more sustainable and we believe a good balance can be found.

We have created a HI Sustainability Network as an opportunity to share knowledge, exchange ideas and seek solutions together. Thanks to the collaboration and participation of our National Associations and their Sustainability Coordinators, it has been possible to provide quality and interesting content for our visitors and to expand our communication strategy to social media including Twitter, Facebook and also our Hostelling Blog.

We believe this new Twitter profile provides an excellent platform to communicate HI sustainable developments with all our followers. Send us a tweet today and let us know what you would like to hear from @HIsustainable!

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