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23 Ways to earn money whilst traveling

By Images_of_Money

For many of us juggling funds whilst feeding the travel bug is no easy task. The idea of the daunting trip home after funds have run out looms over us as we find more and more inventive ways to hold on to our last pennies. Well this no longer needs to be the case. Here are twenty three ways to earn money and keep traveling.

Creative Jobs

Travel Writer – It may sound like a dream to some but becoming a travel writer may be easier than you think. Due to the advancements of the web and the popularity of social media most the barriers into this industry have been stripped away. As long as you have access to the Internet and an eye for a good story, starting your own blog is free! You can start by signing up to one of the many free blogging sites such as WordPress and Blogger or host your own using a unique url which will give you a more professional looking product.

To earn money from your blog you will first need to become popular. Post regularly and encourage people to interact with your posts. The more hits you get on your site the more money you could earn from advertising. Sites such as Pay Per Post will let you set your price for posts and provide opportunities to negotiate with advertisers.

Alternatively you could write posts for established blogs. Running a blog can be difficult for just one person as readers demand regular updates. To combat this some blog sites will pay you for guest blogging in order to keep their site active.

If blogging isn’t for you then writing for magazines is possibly the way to go. You will need to be good at pitching your ideas and know the areas that the magazine wants to promote at any given time. You may want to provide examples of previous work or the first paragraph of the article you are trying to sell them.

Of course if you have enough material that you believe you could fill a book then why not publish your own with companies such as Lulu. There are a number of versions out there so shopping around for the best deal for you would be advised.

Photography – Images are a great way to promote an area and to express what the country is really like. If you are particularly good at capturing a moment and telling a story through images then you may want to contact magazines with your photography work. Both print and online magazines often use freelance photographers but you will need to be in the area the magazine is promoting at the time.

Another way to sell your photos is through a stock photo site such as Getty image. This means your photography might still be generating income years later. However, do not expect to get rich from this set up. More and more low cost stock image sites are popping up all over the Internet and with people offering creative commons licenses your image is unlikely to pay for your whole trip.

Video – As web videos become increasingly popular the opportunity for a good videographer or video presenter to make money out of their work is increasing. Much like a blogger you can now create vlog (video blog) sites or YouTube channels that generate revenue with in stream advertising and pre-rolls. If your videos become popular enough and you are regularly creating new content then you may be able to become a YouTube partner. Alternatively you could submit your video to Revver or MetaCafe that pay you depending on the amount of views your video gets. Again doing this to start with may not take you far but can provide some extra cash and as your popularity grows so will your income.

Alternatively you can offer your videos to tourism companies wishing to promote the area you are in. Much like a magazine you will need to either pitch your idea before you travel, providing examples of previous work. Or you will need to create the video and try to sell it on afterwards.

There are now stock video sites all over the Internet that will allow you to sell clips for other people to edit into their work. This could be helpful if you are enjoying yourself too much to get a full videos worth of footage.

Modeling – If you’ve watched any of those top model programs on TV then you have no doubt seen the fantastic locations they go to and the high fashion shoots they get to do. I’m sorry to say that it is not always that glamorous. However modeling can provide opportunities when traveling at any level. The safest way to do this is with an agent and you are likely going to have to work your way up to it. In the mean time it is worth building up a portfolio on a site such as model mayhem.

Crafts – If you are a skilled jewelry maker, clothing designer or toy maker then selling your work online could raise a little extra for your travels. In fact handmade products seem to be rising in popularity once again. Sites such as Etsy are a great way to get your work seen and sold with the minimum amount of fuss.

Movie Extra – Perhaps not the most common of ideas but one that can pay a reasonable amount. If you are planning to be in a country for some time and have the right to work then registering with an extras agency can be fun and profitable. Keep in mind that it is typical in this industry for the extras to have to call the agency regularly in order to make the money they need to get by.

Coding – If you have access to the Internet and can code then you might want to check out rent a coder. The site offers freelance jobs for developers and can be anything from a WordPress theme to an all singing all dancing site and application.

Graphic Design – If you are a graphic designer with access to the Internet and your own computer why not use Elance to find work. You can work from anywhere in the world and as long as you get the job done in the agreed time you can enjoy yourself and keep on traveling.

Cruise ships – Most cruises these days offer some form of entertainment from singing and dancing to circus skills or comedy. They often use contract staff and will pay for you to get to the boat and for your accommodation whilst you are working for them. This is also an opportunity for people with technical skills such as lighting design or sound operation.

Events – Festivals and concerts are extremely popular in the summer months and take place all over the world. Along with the bar jobs many of these events need stewards, promotional staff and security. Most will either provide free entry to the festival in exchange for part time work or pay for full time staff.

Art Projects – If you’re a professional artist then creating work involving other cultures is a great way to learn more and to go aboard. Although you will have to be working if the arts council or grant provider are funding you this can still be a very rewarding experience.

Busking – Of course having a skill doesn’t mean you have to use the Internet to get paid. The age-old tradition of busking is skill a great way to get cash in hand and to do an honest days work. Do be careful of local laws and make sure it is ok for you to busk in the area.

Short Jobs

Bar/Restaurant Staff – Many travelers work in bars, kitchens or waiting tables when traveling. During peak seasons there is always plenty of this type of work around in popular destinations. Expect to work hard though as a large number of people apply for this kind of work.

Hostels – Again during peak season’s hostels sometimes hire people to keep the place clean and run the front desk. It helps if you can speak more than one language in this situation.

By youwhocolleen

Farm/Vineyard – Picking produce is a seasonal job, which means farms, and vineyards will often contract people in during this period rather than keeping staff all year round. When choosing which company to apply to keep in mind that some provide accommodation and help with visa application if need be.

Construction – Good and hard working construction workers are valuable in most countries. If you have the skills needed then a web search or an agency could help you find the job that suits you.

Intern – A popular suggestion for students and graduates looking to take a summer out aboard is interning. The wages for these jobs won’t make you rich but they often come with accommodation and enough pay to live within the local area. It’s a great way to learn another language and get to know another culture intimately.

Translation – For those of you who can already speak more than one language then working as an interpreter or translator could be a great way to keep your skills active whilst traveling. Keep in mind that even small companies working internationally could do with this service and may be worth approaching.


ResellingEbay has made making money online easy enough for anyone to do as long as they have access to the internet. When visiting car boot sales or market places, there’s the opportunity to buy things cheap, do them up and then sell them on. It’s a great way to make a bit of extra cash but do keep the postage cost in mind.

Affiliate – These days most online print shops, web hosting companies and even design companies will have some form of affiliate program. These can involve something as simple as adding a banner to your website all the way up to running a full on ecommerce site. A way of keeping your work load as low as possible whilst still benefiting from these schemes is to make sure you have a plan that includes support by the original supplier. This will save you replying to email all day.

Social Enterprise – For the business minded people out there you may want to mix travel with your own company. Companies such as Toms shoes take their products around the globe providing free shoes to communities that for various reasons can’t afford it. You will be expected to really have a heart for social enterprise work if you want to follow this plan as it is not easy to get the startup capital needed. One place worth trying however is UnLtd who provide small awards for people with a strong business plan.


by Argonne National Laboratory

Recycle – Saving your bottles, cans and other recyclable products are not only good for the environment but can also put a few pennies in your pocket. If you’re not drinking enough to cover the trip to the recycling plant then you could always collect from other people to.

Charity – Although most charities will want you to volunteer some may provide you with accommodation, food and sometimes extra spending money. Charity work is a popular way for many travelers to see the world and the experiences they have can often be life changing.

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