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Getting creative when you travel – Move, Learn, Eat

You may be one of the over 10 million people who have seen this collection of three short and entertaining films by Director Rick Mereki but for those of you who haven’t we thought we’d share them with you. Rick and his team (Tim White: DOP and Andrew Lees: Actor) travelled 11 countries including Peru, Spain, Italy, France and Chile in 44 days in order to makes these films. They covered 38 thousand miles and took 18 flights to collect almost a terabyte of footage on their Canon 5D MKII cameras. They then edited it down to three approximately one minute films that have taken the internet by storm. The soundtrack for the videos which were composed by Kelsey James can now be downloaded on itunes.




Of course this isn’t the first video compilations of epic journeys to have gone viral on the internet. A few years back 30-year-old Matt Harding aka Dancing Matt boogied his way around the world and the internet. His flailing limbs dance which he describes on his website, WherethehellisMatt.com as “I just flail my limbs in a way that feels natural and good.” was first posted in 2005 after backpacking around 17 countries. Its popularity spread from e-mail to e-mail and caught the attention of Stride gum, which sponsored another journey to 39 countries in seven continents. To date Harding has over 38 million views on one youtube video. If your yet to see his work prepare yourself for a inspiring sense of joy.




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