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Give us your opinion on the HI brand!

Hostelling International is the brand name of a hundred-year-old organisation, the International Youth Hostel Federation. As a long-established not-for-profit youth organisation, we are constantly looking towards the future and to our guests, members and all those connected with Hostelling International, to stay in touch with things and stay relevant.

We are in a phase of renewal and digital development and an engaging brand will be critical to our success. We are looking to redefine the key HI Brand elements and how we present our brand to the world. We want our brand to reflect our passion for sustainable travel accessible to all and providing affordable accommodation to young travellers so they can grow and develop through travel and experiences.

Therefore, we seek your feedback in this questionnaire on a new direction for our brand. We are sure everyone will have different opinions which we want to hear and consider in shaping the Hostelling International brand.

The questionnaire will be open until 02 August 2023.
We appreciate and thank you for taking the time to help!

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