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A New Year Can Only Mean New Adventures

You still have time to embrace the spirit of “new year, new adventures!” Open up an abundance of exciting travel possibilities with Hostelling International. Here are some ideas to inspire your hostel-hopping adventures:

Cultural Exchange Hostels

Many hostels actively promote cultural exchange, whether through  language exchange nights, cultural workshops, or events where travellers can share stories and experiences from their home countries. Auberge de Jeunesse HI Amiens offers common spaces, nature, culture and nightlife all rolled into one! 

Ecotourism Hostels Choose hostels situated in eco-friendly locations or those that actively participate in sustainable practices. Engage in activities like nature walks, wildlife conservation projects, or community gardening organized by the hostels. You will be spoilt for choice at  Reykjavík Loft HI Hostel  

Historical Hostels

Why not explore hostels located in historically rich areas or even choose a hostel that has a unique historical significance. There are so many options from renovated castles to monasteries. Check out YHA St Briavels as a starting point!

Adventure Sports Hostels

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, opt for hostels in areas known for adventure sports. Whether it’s hiking, water rafting, or skiing, staying in hostels at adventure-centric locations can add an extra layer of excitement to your trip. Why not try Westendorf – Funpark

Foodie Exploration

Choose hostels in destinations renowned for their culinary offerings. What about Japan? Attend cooking classes, food tours, or even stay in hostels that have a chef who specialises in local cuisine Shimamaki Youth Hostel  is one of these!

Digital Nomad Hubs

To meet like-minded individuals why not consider hostels that are popular among digital nomads. It is a great way to attend co-working events, and explore destinations that cater to the remote working lifestyle. Have a look at what YHA Australia has to offer!

Don’t forget…

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