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Calling all bloggers!

What type of blogger are you?

Words can change the world. Whether you blog about recipes, environmental issues or just random ramblings from your mind, you’re capable of making a difference and that’s where the Big Blog Exchange (BBE) comes in – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to get involved and step into the shoes of a blogger from another corner of the globe, showing that exchanging cultures can make a difference.

What type of blogger are you?
The Big Blog Exchange is open to all kinds of bloggers © Mike Licht

Both brand new and established bloggers alike can apply for the BBE – if your blog’s good enough to catch our eye you could find yourself being whisked off to a different country, slipping right into a new way of life and telling us all about it in your exchange partner’s blog. The competition is open to all bloggers from all locations.

Who in the world could you be swapping blogs with?
Who in the world could you be swapping blogs with? © Mike Licht

You might find yourself swapping places with a food blogger from Italy, a music blogger from San Francisco or a travel blogger from Peru and then spending 10 days immersed in their life – from writing in their blog to walking the same streets and talking to the same people as them.

There's no limit to where your blog could take you.
There’s no limit to where your blog could take you. © Mike Licht

So if you want to take your blogging to the next level and promote cultural exchange and understanding then sign up today to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange! Watch the trailer below.

Read our interview with Brazilian BBE winner Natália’s who tells us about her time in France on the exchange last year.

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