Hostel breakfasts around the world

November 07, 2014

Good morning world,

Last week our #bigblogx winners took on the Breakfast Photo Challenge. Scattered across 16 different countries, feast your eyes on this delicious international spread:



Belen with her Malaysian breakfast: toast, straight up black coffee, Durian fruit wafers.


Ainoha proudly displaying her Irish breakfast with all the trimmings.


Kitty’s hostel breakfast in England, complete with a smile.


Logan’s nourishing start to the day in India (masala chai we hope). Mmm.


Lucie’s hearty US breakfast of bagel with peanut butter, juice, cheerios and some additional patriotic side dishes.


Manu has his eggs sunny-side up in South Africa.


Nina sticks with Aussie tradition and opts for vegemite, along with fruit and wholesome muesli to keep her going through surfing Bondi Beach.

Purujeet in vancouver

Purujeet goes for a fusion breakfast in Vancouver, Canada with his scrambled eggs Indian style.

ruth final

Ruth surveys the beautiful view of Hong Kong with some cereal and eggs to start the day.


A healthy Brazilian breakfast of champions for Stephanie.


Taralynn samples the local petit déjeuner across France.

vincent 1

Vincent’s veritable spread in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Tell us about your tastiest travelling breakfast, or send us some photos:

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I feel hungry, every time I see the different hostel breakfasts. The photography and the food both are really outstanding. Thanks for posting Alex :)

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