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Unlocking the World through Hostelling: A Guide to Cultural Exchange

At Hostelling International, we believe that travel is more than just a journey from one destination to another—it’s a dynamic cultural exchange. The heart of our mission lies in fostering connections, breaking down barriers, and creating a global community that

A New Year Can Only Mean New Adventures

You still have time to embrace the spirit of “new year, new adventures!” Open up an abundance of exciting travel possibilities with Hostelling International. Here are some ideas to inspire your hostel-hopping adventures: Cultural Exchange Hostels Many hostels actively promote

Hostels as Havens

In the fast-paced world we inhabit, finding moments of tranquility and introspection can be a challenge. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of travel, HI Hostels emerge as more than just places to rest your head. They become sanctuaries –

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Tips for A Sustainable Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and giving. However, it’s also a season that often leads to increased waste, excessive consumption, and a larger carbon footprint. This year, let’s shift our focus to a more sustainable and

Summer in Australia: A Guide to Exploring The Land Down Under

As the Southern Hemisphere welcomes the warmth of summer, Australia comes alive with vibrant landscapes, exciting festivals, and a myriad of holiday celebrations. From December to February, pack your sunscreen and embrace the Aussie summer spirit as we guide you

Explore the World for Free with Freetour.com

Get ready to a new wallet-friendly adventure at your next travel destination! Hostelling International is having a partnership with Freetour.com to help you explore the world without any budget! As you might know, HI’s mission has always been to provide affordable

3 tips to find the right travel insurance

Have you ever heard about the eye-watery expensive medical cost? If you happened to face with any medical emergency without travel insurance, you could end up with a large bill. Here are the scary examples – treatment for a broken

Why Bus Travel is the Way to Go

Are you a passionate traveller always on the lookout for the sustainable way of travelling? If your answer is yes, we have a great news for you!   Hostelling International is having a global partnership with Busbud and HI members can

Our favorite hostels for Digital Nomads

Calling all digital nomads! Searching for the ultimate in unique and exotic backdrops while working remotely? Look no further as we’ve rounded up some of our favourite hostels that will no doubt leave your colleagues envious when you dial into

How to simplify your relocation process?

Relocating to a new city or country can be both exciting and challenging. For Hostelling International (HI) customers beginning this life-changing journey, there’s now a seamless solution to their relocation logistics. Eurosender, a renowned logistics platform, has partnered with Hostelling