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Stay Connected and Save the Planet with Airalo

Hey there, explorers! Get ready to roam the world while staying totally connected! We’ve got some awesome news: Hostelling International is teaming up with Airalo, the coolest eSIM company out there! Airalo  is the world’s first eSIM store who offers affordable eSIMs in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. They allow you to stay connected globally while keeping the process and connection simple and pain-free.  

Why go for eSIM?

Well, besides keeping things simple, it’s also way better for the planet. No more plastic waste or extra emissions from shipping physical SIM cards! 

And why choose Airalo?

Because they’re not just about tech—they’re all about caring for the planet and promoting sustainable tourism. And here’s the cherry on top: when you grab your Airalo eSIM with our special discount code, you can enjoy 10% off, and 10% of what you pay will be donated to our HI Sustainability FundThat means you’re not just staying connected, you’re also helping support eco-friendly initiatives at HI hostels worldwide!  

Ready to explore sustainably? Let’s go!  

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