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Moving abroad for work? Here’s what you need to know about tax. 

Are you planning on moving to a different country for work? What an exciting time!  

However, many people find the process of getting to grips with a new tax system to be daunting.This often results in workers overpaying tax as they aren’t aware of their tax entitlements and how to claim back what they’re owed. 

That’s why Hostelling International have partnered with Taxback to help you claim back your tax refund easily online! HI members can receive 10% discount on their service.  

Taxback is an international tax-filing solutions company. Their mission is to simplify the tax-filing process and ensure that no one overpays tax on their income. 

Taxback offer tax filing solutions in 12 countries around the world, including: 



Taxback has been helping workers in Ireland to file their tax return and claim their tax refund since 1996. As an international worker in Ireland, there are many reasons why you may be due a tax refund. 

For example, if you paid for medical expenses, worked from home, or if you rented your home, it’s likely you will be due tax back. 

The tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December and the best time to apply for your refund is after the end of the tax year. Taxback simplifies the refund application process and guarantees you receive your maximum tax refund. 

The average Irish tax refund with Taxback is €1,880. 


Workers in Belgium usually pay quite high taxes on their income. However, the good news is that many people are due a refund of their tax contributions at the end of the year.  

Every year, Taxback help thousands of individual workers, couples, students and seafarers to claim their Belgian tax refund. 

Taxback ensures that you receive the maximum refund possible, all the while removing the stress of dealing with tax paperwork. 

The average refund a customer in Belgium receives with Taxback is €2,300. 


Taxback offers a wide range of services for individuals who are temporarily living and working in Australia.  Whether you have been working or studying in Australia, Taxback can support you with a tailored tax-filing solution. 

The average Australian tax refund that Taxback customers receive is AU$2,600. 

What’s more, most workers in Australia contribute to a Superannuation retirement fund. However, if you do not intend to retire in Australia, Taxback can help you to reclaim your contributions.  

Taxback’s average superannuation refund is $1,908. 


New Zealand 

Taxback offers tax refund services for both residents and non-residents in New Zealand, ensuring you receive the maximum refund possible.  

By using their many years of expertise in New Zealand tax law, Taxback makes the tax-filing process seamless, taking the stress out of filing a tax return for you, and ensuring you receive your full refund. 

The average New Zealand tax refund is $550. 


Taxback assists both Canadian citizens and foreign individuals in reclaiming tax refunds from their time in Canada.  If you’re a citizen or a temporary resident, Taxback will streamline the tax-filing process, securing your maximum Canadian tax refund and ensuring you remain compliant with the Canadian tax authorities.  

Additionally, Taxback assists students filing their tax returns, helping to reclaim any overpaid taxes. 

Taxback’s average Canadian refund is CA$998. 


For those living and working in Germany, Taxback offers comprehensive tax refund services for expats, temporary workers, residents, and German nationals alike.  

The average German tax refund with Taxback is €1,020. 

Taxback also assists non-EU members in reclaiming their pension contributions refunds along with every other tax benefit you’re entitled to.  


Taxback estimate that one in every three workers in the UK is entitled to a tax refund. There are many reasons why you may be due a tax refund in the UK, including if: 

  • You have left the UK 
  • You were short-term employed in the UK 
  • You incurred work-related expenses 
  • You didn’t work a full tax year 
  • You were made redundant
  • You were on an emergency tax code 

With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to register with Taxback and check how much you can claim. 

The average UK tax refund with Taxback is £963. 


Whether you’re an expat seeking tax services or a non-resident in need of assistance, Taxback can help you out. They will simplify the tax filing process, ensuring you receive everything you are due.  

Additionally, Taxback assists individuals in reclaiming Dutch healthcare benefits, further boosting potential tax refunds. 

In Holland, the average refund on taxes with Taxback is €910. 


Workers in Luxembourg can expect to pay 10-15% tax on their earnings.  

Taxback helps students and non-residents to reclaim their tax refunds in Luxembourg.  

They simplify the tax filing process for you, ensuring you receive the maximum refund possible. 

The average refund in Luxembourg is €1,109. 


Taxback’s services for individuals in Japan includes comprehensive tax and pension refund services. 

Most workers in Japan pay into a pension fund during their time there, and if you aren’t retiring in Japan Taxback can help you to claim a refund of your pension contributions. 

Taxback handle all the paperwork associated with securing your Japanese tax refund. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax while you wait for your tax refund to hit your bank account, no matter where you are in the world. 

The average refund for customers with Taxback in Japan is ¥111,000. 


There are lots of reasons why someone may be due a tax refund in Denmark.  

For example, if you were employed on a limited-term contract, you paid for food and accommodation while working there, or if you kept your residence in your home country while working in Denmark. Taxback have been helping workers in Denmark since 1996.  

And what’s more, if you worked in Denmark and left the country permanently before the beginning of the holiday year, you may not have received your holiday money. Taxback can apply for the holiday allowance on an individual’s behalf, along with any other tax entitlements due. 

The average Danish tax refund with Taxback is €1,200. 


As a foreign worker in the US, it’s very important to ensure you have a clean tax record. If you do not comply with IRS rules, you may face complications when applying for futures US visas. 

Fortunately, Taxback can help you ensure you file your US tax return correctly. They will also help you to claim your maximum tax refund without stress. 

Why apply with Taxback? 

When you apply with Taxback, their team of tax experts will handle the tricky tax paperwork for you, ensuring you claim every tax benefit that you’re entitled to. 

Plus, they will transfer your refund to your bank account, anywhere in the world. 

  • Simple online process – Taxback prepare your tax paperwork for you 
  • Your maximum tax refund guaranteed 
  • Your money transferred to your bank account anywhere in the world 

To get started, simply complete Taxback’s short application form here. 

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