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Journey to Iceland from the comfort of your home

At Hostelling International we believe that the best way to prepare for that dream trip is to start at home. This is why, last month, we teamed up with our inspiring partner Wanderful and our friends over at HI-Iceland, to bring you an authentic virtual Icelandic trip, to be experienced from the comfort of your own home. 

Streamed live from the very chilled, Loft hostel, Reykjavik, our two wonderful hosts, HI-Iceland’s, Eco-promoter, Irene Pruner, and All things Iceland expert, Jewels Chambers took us on a “choose your adventure” tour of all Iceland has to offer. 

Starting with a slideshow detailing some must-see sights such as the Golden Circle, Vestmannaeyjar aka the Westman Islands, Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Iceland, and Ásbyrgi on the diamond circle, Irene and Jewels shared some fantastic tips and tales of Iceland’s best spots to visit.

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Moving on to a mouthwatering culinary experience brought to you by Mama, a local plant-based/vegan food, music, art, spirituality, and community in the heart of Reykavik where travellers and locals come together for an unforgettable nourishing and wellness experience. Try not to get hungry while watching this segment!

We then had the absolute pleasure of hearing the dulcet tones and haunting vibes from incredibly talented local singer, Salóme Katrín, with her beautiful song don’t take me too seriously from her album, Water.

The next stop on the “choose your own adventure”  was an informative presentation from Irene on the importance of sustainable travel and the contributions of HI-Iceland to this important topic. It was great to hear all the ways HI-Iceland supports sustainable tourism through responsible consumption, involving local communities, and ensuring a healthy balance is met between tourists and locals.

This was all topped off with Jewels answering your must-know questions about travelling to Iceland.

The whole experience was masterfully coordinated by Wanderful’s, Karisma Shackelford, an experienced traveller and adventure lover.

All that’s left is to check out the video yourself! but be warned it will provoke some serious wanderlust, and there is no doubt, you, like us, will be checking out flights to Iceland before you reach the end. 

A big shout out to our fantastic partner, Wanderful! What’s clear from the event is that we are lucky to be in partnership with a value-driven organisation, facilitating, supporting, and inspiring a global community of women on their journeys both at home and abroad.

Find out more about the Wanderful community and membership here. 

Finally, a big thank you must go to our amazing colleagues over at HI-Iceland, and the Loft, Reykjavik, for their huge contribution and effort towards this incredibly special event. You have provided us with some much-needed inspiration for that next trip!

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