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We’re proud of our quality hostels

At HI we have developed unique, quality and sustainability agreed standards for all our hostels, known as the HI Standards.   

Why is this important? Because we believe in Sustainable Hostelling for a better world. We believe in offering safe environments, such as our hostels for everyone to experience the wonders of the world and meet new people. This is also how we deliver the HI mission, help our staff and volunteers be more efficient and safer, while offering our global community of travellers a network of responsible hostels.  

We have taken it a step further with the HI Quality & Sustainability Management System (HI-Q&S) which is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism CouncilIt is a long-term programme of continuous improvement that allows hostels and associations to advance their quality and sustainability practices. 

HI-Q&S in Portugal with Joao 

The spotlight is on Joao from Portugal and he tells us how Movijovem (Portuguese YHA) strives to achieve higher standards of quality and sustainability in their hostels across the country.  

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Why did Movijovem decide to implement HI’s Quality & Sustainability Management System?  

The choice of HIQ&S arises from the need to implement a system that would allow us to guarantee quality and sustainability standards throughout our youth hostel network. In the past, we had a system based on ISO 9000 Standards although we found that HIQ&S is more flexible and has wider coverage, not only in the audit process but every step of the way 

What was the experience of implementing HI-Q&S like 

During the implementation, we needed to involve all of the Movijovem’s employees to let them acknowledge the constant concern of quality and sustainability. It was challenging but we managed to do it with HI’s unconditional support which helped us to clarify our doubts. 

What kind of impact do you think the HI-Q&S implementation will bring to your hostels and your guests?  

We will be able to play a role as an active agent in stopping climate changes and towards sustainability. Enhance the awareness of our employees and guests about environmental and social concerns. Make an economic difference on our operations. Create a culture of working actively and efficiently.  

Check out our hostels in Portugal here!

If you would like to support Sustainable Hostelling and help us make a difference

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