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Stay Safe in HI Hostels

Your Safety and Wellbeing is our Priority

No matter what the circumstances, your safety, and that of our staff and volunteers is always our first priority 

Our attention has always been on cleanliness, safety, friendliness and comfort. The HI standards, to which all our hostels abide, aim to provide you with the most enjoyable stay possible while offering excellent value for money.

We have even developed our own unique quality and sustainability certification which allows more advanced hostels to be recognised for their efforts. Our HI’s Quality & Sustainability Management System is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. 

Stay safe n HI hostels

Why is this so important?

We know that without our love and care today, there will be no world for us to enjoy and discover tomorrow, which is why we believe in Sustainable Hostelling for a better world.

The future of travel is important to us, and we want you to be able to continue to enjoy the diversity and wealth of experiences that can only be gained through travel. Which is why our hostels, no matter where they are in the world, are doubling their efforts to host you safely and follow governmental guidelines .

As the current situation is continuously, sometimes rapidly evolving, and every destination has different guidelines, here are some of our member organisations that have special safety measures in place to ensure your stay is safe and comfortable 

YHA England and Wales 

Stayokay (The Netherlands)




Hostelling Scotland

Movijovem (Portugal)

YHA Australia 

Youth Hostels Luxembourg

YHA New Zealand 

Swiss Youth Hostels 

As a charity Hostelling International and its member organisations have been particularly affected by the pandemic this year.
If you would like to support our mission and make a difference

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