12 pictures that prove the Canadian Rockies are actual works of art

August 10, 2018

The Canadian Rockies stretch their way across Alberta and British Columbia, and are made up of dramatic, snow-kissed peaks; tree-covered, deep green valleys; and many (many) of the bluest, most amazing lakes you’ve ever seen. This breathtaking part of the world looks like it’s been painted into existence Bob Ross, and every new view is more beautiful than the last. It’s no wonder you can find five different national parks within these mountains.

You’d think the lakes would get old after a while, but… then you’d be wrong.

Yoho National Park

1. Everything in one: mountain, blue sky, green trees, rushing river, and rays of light beaming down upon it all.

A river in Yoho National Park

2. We recommend renting a canoe and becoming part of the art, like this person is doing at Emerald Lake.

Canoe on Emerald Lake

3. “Moody, Misty Mountains at Midnight” - Artist Unknown, c. 100,000,000 BC

Misty, moody mountains Yoho Nat'l Park

4. If you close your eyes tightly, you can hear the sound of the waterfall as it surges beneath you. And that’s the power of art.

Yoho Waterfall

Jasper National Park

5. This piece was definitely done by an advanced art student with a strong understanding of perspective.

Spirit Island Maligne Lake

Spirit Island in Maligne Lake

6. They’ve even got glow-in-the-dark art. This place has it all!

Northern Lights in Jasper

7. I really like the artist’s contrast of light and dark in this painting.

Moose in snow-covered Jasper

8. “OK, class, what statement do you think the artist was trying to make when she decided to make these trees red?”

Red trees in Jasper

Banff National Park

9. This perfectly clear, glassy, reflective water almost looks real.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

10. “Winter Cabin on the Lake” – oil on canvas

Snowy cabin on the shores of Lake Louise

Lake Louise

11. I like the way this artist decided to make the lake sort of shaped like a coyote.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake

12. All of those colours happening at once are simply too good to be true.

Sunset in Banff

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