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History, bungee jumping, and giant tulips in The Hague

Ferris wheel and bungee jumping at Scheveningen

Did you know that while Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, it’s actually The Hague where you can find the Dutch parliament? Not only that, but the coastal city is the home to the International Court of Justice. Looking for something a little lighter than international politics? Why not check out some mind-bending graphic art, pay a visit to an awesome seaside pier with a zip line (and more!) over the water, or step into a world where you become a giant.

History and Politics

A view of the parliament buildings in The Binnenhof
A view of the parliament buildings in The Binnenhof

If you’re interested in history and politics, The Binnenhof is the place to be. The Binnenhof is a square in the city centre, and it’s where you’ll find the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights), as well as the buildings of the Prime Minister, House of Representatives, and Dutch Senate. Take a guided tour of the Ridderzaal and other government buildings, some dating back to the 13th century, to explore the history of Dutch politics and watch them play out in real-time. You can also set out beyond The Binnenhof on guided town walks as you learn about the history of the the Dutch Constitution, or the about the history of The Hague, the Dutch royal family, and their palaces.

After your crash-course in Dutch politics, it’s time to go international. A 20 minute walk from The Binnenhof will take you to the Peace Palace, which houses the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the U.N.’s International Court of Justice. Stop by the visitors centre where you can view an exhibit and watch a film highlighting the history of the building and the courts which reside there, or take a guided tour of some of the most impressive rooms in the Palace.

Seaside Shenanigans

Ferris wheel and bungee jumping at ScheveningenIf you’ve ever wanted to ride a ferris wheel over the sea, follow that up with bungee jumping, then top it all off with a quick zip line, then have we got news for you! Scheveningen Pier originally opened in 1959, and enjoyed a renovation in 2015, which means it has all the attractions you’d expect and then some. On top of a wide variety of shops, food trucks, restaurants, and bars serving up truly quality grub, as well as an excellent playground for the little ones, Scheveningen Pier offers adrenaline-loving grownups a playground of their own. Bungee jump over the water from 60m solo or with a friend, take in the views as you take a ride on the luxury ferris wheel with the option of adding lunch, dinner, or high tea to your trip around the wheel, or reach speeds of up to 180kmh as you zip line from the top of the bungee tower down to the pier.

Let’s Tessellate

Escher in Het Paleis is a museum dedicated to the weird and wonderful art of world famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher. Discover over 150 pieces of his work, many of which showcase his famous usage of tessellation in woodcuts and lithographs, learn about the artist’s life, and view the permanent collection of his most well-known masterpieces. Temporary exhibits bring the works of other artists to the museum, and other activities include art workshops for both adults and children, and breakfast in Queen Mother Emma’s former kitchen.

Tour the Netherlands as a Giant

The giant tulips at Madurodam
The giant tulips at Madurodam

Discover the whole of the Netherlands, without ever leaving The Hague, at Madurodam, where you can stroll your way through a miniature Holland. Gain a new perspective on Amsterdam, with replicas of the Rijksmuseum, the Royal Palace in Dam Square, and the city’s iconic canal houses. Pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage windmills of Kinderijk, see how royalty lived at different palaces, and have your picture taken with giant tulips, all while learning about the history of the Netherlands and enjoying interactive exhibits.

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