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Vietnam and the Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel: Welcoming you with open arms

What’s your first impression upon hearing “Vietnam”? A civil war? A destination renowned for infamously good Pho?

Vietnam is arguably one of the most utterly exotic and appealing countries in the world. This destination is an embodiment of mystery and undiscovered beauty, whilst also offering famous gems like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang and Hoi An.

Fall in love with Vietnam, as so many travellers do! The north presents the paradise of Ha Long Bay, Sapa and the gorgeous, splendid capital Hanoi.

What’s so good about Hanoi, you ask? Hanoi is an assault on the senses: there’s original Pho Bo, delectable street food and the buzz of non-stop, hectic traffic and hustle and bustle. The charm and allure of this city cannot be described simply nor quickly; it must be experienced first-hand.

As they say, “Observation is the best teacher”. Only by visiting Hanoi will you have the chance to truly understand its magic and explore the quintessence of the city, experiencing the daily life of locals, the charm of its narrow, colourful streets and concealed hideaways. Hidden gems await your discovery in the chaotic maze of the 36 Old Quarters.

Located right in the centre of the Old Quarter – which is within walking distance of all the captivating sights you can imagine – resides Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel youth hostel. Ranking within the top 10% of hostels in Hanoi, the Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel has always been a valued choice for travellers visiting this beloved city.

Check out the Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel and book a stay today!

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