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October 05, 2016

**The voting period is now closed. Winning projects announced HERE!**

What about you have your say in a competition that will award our hostels with over £18,000?Ready Vote!

Scroll down, pick your favourite project (you can even vote for two!), and give it your voice!

Find the voting survey link at the end of the description of each project and on this page. So far, the HI Sustainability Fund has allowed ideas to bloom, emissions of CO2 to lower, solar energy to be created, and the environment to benefit. And you can help enhancing the effect by voting!


What is the HI Sustainability Fund?

The jury

Previous winning projects

100% of the donations made to the HI Sustainability Fund go directly to the winning projects. This year, a total amount of £18,494.42 (you know, we like precision!) has been raised and is about to be given to the implementation of our lovely hostels’ projects. Who will you give your vote to?
Canada - THE HYBRID REFRIGERATOR - Harnessing the Canadian Winter

Project type: Energy efficiency, Education in sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 2 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: Hybrid refrigerators are designed to use outside air for cooling when the temperature drops below 4 degrees Celsius. The design takes advantage of existing technologies, putting them to optimal use for refrigeration in a wilderness hostel setting. Read more


Project type: Energy Efficiency, Water, Education in Sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 183,5 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: FUAJ chose to submit a project for the realization of environmental footprints in all Youth Hostels certified by an environmental label, The Green Key. Read more

Israel - ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Optimizing the Heating System in Masada Hostel

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 100 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: The replacement of the heating system to save fuel and lower CO2 emission using the nature advantages of the hostel surrounding. Read more


Project type: Water, Energy efficiency, Education in sustainability, Nature conservation and Waste

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 0.0705 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: A 3-year program to involve guests by selling reusable bottles, providing drinking taps and collecting PET bottles and plastic in the hostels. Read more


Project type: Energy Efficiency, Water

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 9.756 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: Gjøvik Hostel wants to switch to a more sustainable light and water system. The saved funds will be used for more sustainable practices so that Gjøvik Hostel becomes a real sustainable hostel. Read more

Scotland - KEEPING THE HEAT IN - Improving the insulation and energy efficiency of Ullapool Youth Hostel

Project type: Energy efficiency, Education in Sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 2.94 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: To improve the energy efficiency of the building and reduce bills while creating a more comfortable building to stay in by installing loft insulation in an uninsulated pitched roof. Read more


Project type: Energy Efficiency, Water, Education in Sustainability, Sun

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 31.166 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: New equipment compatible with a sustainability vision for hostel operations and activities: new LED lights, the discontinuation of the offer of bottled water at our bar and replacement with reusable glass flasks, bicycle delivery, urban beehive and contributions to an ECO fund. Read more


Project type: Sun, Education in Sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: Installation of translucent solar panels on the roof covering the central patio of the establishment and of photovoltaic installation with semi-transparent panels on the roof of the inner courtyard to induce an effect on energy consumption and deliver a reduced footprint. Read more


Project type:Sun, Education in Sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced:1,4 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: To explore the possibilities for production of solar energy in the Swedish mountain area, with the long term goal to produce our own renewable energy at all STF mountain stations. Read more


Project type: Water, Education in Sustainability

Estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced: 0.06 tonnes of CO2 per year

Project: Help us reuse 100% of the water from washing laundry to water landscapes and gardens around the hostel, to fight the effects of Climate Change which puts this landscape is at risk. The result would be equal to reusing 104,100 litres each year or the equivalent of 640 bathtubs. Read more

Show the projects some love

Your vote will allow for reduction of CO2 emissions in our network.

What is the HI Sustainability Fund?

The Hostelling International Sustainability Fund (HISF) was launched in April 2012. The idea of this being that the HI traveller can donate a small amount of money per overnight stay through our booking platform to the HISF in order to help our network to finance projects to reduce their CO2 emissions. Following a great success in the first two editions, the HI Sustainability Fund will award the best hostel projects with a grant from the fund again this year!

However, this year’s events will feature a new and exciting twist! One third of the decisional power will be given to you, through our voting survey, and the two other thirds of the decisional power will be assumed by an international jury and the sustainability coordinators of the National Associations that are part of HI. We are asking our guests, members and the general public to help us select the project to win the HISF 2016 by voting for their favourite project/s. The voting period opens on the 30th of September 2016 and closes on 20th of December 2016.

The jury members

4 international figures able in the area of sustainability have kindly accepted to be part of our jury for the HI Sustainability Fund 2016 Competition. Their names and short bio will be published here soon.

Previous winning projects

So far, this competition has granted 9 great projects with a total of £112,000 :


1st place: HI Iceland, in Iceland (see their project)

2nd place: Stayokay, in the Netherlands (see their project)

3rd place: HI-Athabasca Falls, in Canada (see their project)

Runners up: YHA Hadrian`s Wall at The Sill, in England & Wales (see their project); Belle Ile Youth Hostel, in France (see their project); Beit Shean Youth Hostel, in Israel (see their project); Norway (see their project); Albergue Juvenile Espinosa de los Monteros, in Spain (see their project); HI USA, in the USA (see their project).


1st place: YHA Boggle Hole in the UK (see their project)

2nd place: HI – Whiskey Jack in Canada (see their project)

3rd place: Eilat hostel in Israel (see their project)

Runners up: Shining hostels, in Brazil (see their project); Paris Yves Robert YH, in France (see their project); HI Iceland, in Iceland (see their project); Stayokay, in the Netherlands (see their project); YHA Rotorua, in New Zealand (see their project); Seohae Youth Hostel (Timber House), in South Korea (see their project); Youth Hostel “Mar i Vent”, in Spain (see their project); Davos Youth Hostel, in Switzerland (see their project); Dubai Youth Hostel, in UAE (see their project).


1st place: Snowdon Pen-y-Pass in the UK (see their project)

2nd place: As Corcerizas in Spain (see their project)

3rd place: HI-USA in USA (see their project)

Runners up: Grampians Eco YHA, in Australia; Youth Hostel Sucre, YH El Villar and YH La Paz, in Bolivia; Shining hostels, in Brazil; HI Kananaskis, in Canada; Heart 2 Heart Youth Hostel, in China; Reykjavík Downtown Hostel, Loft Hostel and Reykjavík City Hostel, in Iceland; Youth Hostel Ein-Gedi, in Israel; Youth Hostel Nuovo Ostello di Bergamo, YH Mergellina Naples and YH Villa Camerata Florence, in Italy; Stayokay, in the Netherlands; YHA Rotorua, in New Zealand; HI Slovenia, in Slovenia; Davos Youth Hostel, in Switzerland. Should you be interested in seeing the details of any of these projects, please leave us a comment.

In addition to the winning grants, we believe that sharing of ideas on sustainability is an important step forward. Not only did the hostels that presented a project during the past editions get to put down a detailed plan which otherwise may not have been put into action; they also were able to compare their work to that of others, and to learn and share with inspiring sustainability agents within our network.

Thank you for your contribution!

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Tuesday October 18th, 2016 06:19 AM

It is wonderful to support a project like this

Ullapool hostel is in the most idilic location in scotlands mainland
The hostel is right on the front by the harbour and takes in the incoming winds from the sea
Insulation in the walls will help to keep it warm/ toasty

Youth Hostels are a wonderful resource, keeping them up to date both inside and outside (beautiful natural gardens).

Comment voyages-tu de façon durable? - TERN
Friday December 16th, 2016 04:24 PM

[…] que ce projet décolle et obtienne le financement nécessaire du Concours de Projets HI pour le Développement Durable, chaque vote compte! Encourage donc tes amis, ta famille, tes voisins à soutenir le projet! Tu […]

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