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Join in the celebrations for the Earth Hour 2016!

Hostel Hospedarte 1Transform your regular Saturday in an engaged Saturday. The 19th of March!

Join the Earth Hour movement on Saturday 19th March at 8.30pm – 9.30 pm your local time – wherever you are in the world, by taking part in a lights-off event to raise awareness on climate change and, why not, to have fun! Take that opportunity to join other travellers to set a positive example and to think about new habits.

The Earth Hour is a global environmental event created by WWF that reached 172 countries and territories worldwide. People, organizations and famous landmarks turn lights off for an hour and think about the impact of a lifestyle on the environment. This year, Earth Hour will continue to mobilise hundreds of millions of people to make a difference for the planet, and HI are getting stuck in and switching off too in some hostels!


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Pick a hostel and join the celebrations! When not sure, ask the reception! They will happily let you know about all the organized activities where you’ll be able to meet people that do care![/vc_accordion_tab]

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HI-Vancouver Downtown

Hostels from both coasts of Canada will be taking part in the event. Ask the staff at the following hostels to let you know about the exciting programmes they are preparing…

  • HI-Montreal: Montreal knows how to wear many hats. Not only it can pull off the title of nightlife and bagel city, Montreal is also doing its share for the planet. A quiz on sustainable energy and climate change at candlelight will be hosted during the Earth Hour.
  • HI-Niagara Falls: Meet the staff and other guests at the entrance of the HI Niagara Falls hostel at 8:25 PM to start a walk to the famous Niagara Falls. There will be a light dinner with candles at the HI-Niagara Falls Hostel and the cost for person is 8$ tax included. Bring your beer or wine from the Niagara Region!
  • Toronto
  • HI-Vancouver Central
  • HI-Vancouver Downtown


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A lot is happening in England and Wales, in hostels anchored in some of Mother Nature’s masterpiece of landscapes

YHA Eskdale
YHA Eskdale
  • YHA Eskdale : Dark skies event (weather permitting) and educational talks to the school groups staying at the hostel to promote environmental awareness
  • YHA Idwal Cottage: Creating awareness for sole use group staying at the Hostel as part of YHA commitment to climate change and environment.
  • YHA Poppit Sands: Star gazing when all lights are out and use an educational tool for our guests
  • YHA Port Eynon: At this small coastal Hostel we intent to get our guests involved in earth hour by turning off the lights just for the Hour and monitoring our energy usage .Climate change is really important to us being located next to the sea we often experience first hand what the rise in seas temperatures has for a small Hostel like ours, let alone for those communities in the world who are less fortunate than us
  • YHA Sherwood Forest: Sherwood Forrest is a small Hostel near to the famous Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood .On the evening of the 19th they will be holding a quiz for some of the ecology students who are staying at the hostel during the day .Using their smart electrical meters they hope to report to future guests on the energy saved and use this as a communication tool in encouraging guests to turn off lights when they leave their rooms.


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France is known for its good cuisine, so it is cooking something big! Up to 21 hostels country-wide will take part in the movement.


The following hostels are all organizing activities for you to take part in and to celebrate the Earth Hour:

  • Bourges : Join other guests and the staff for a candlelit dinner and a quizz on environment, voilà!
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer : Mingle during a candlelit evening filled with a complete entertainment programme
  • Lille : Attend a heart-warming unplugged candlelit concert
  • Marseille Bois Luzy : Take part in a game night, lit with candles and flashlights
  • Marseille Bonneveine : Barbecue & candles Nothing less than a delightful combo of barbecue & candles!
  • Poitiers : A whole day of activities will take place for kids in the neighbourhood, as well as an unplugged dance show
  • Strasbourg : Engage in the release of lanterns in the sky (aw!). Some further entertainment might also be on the programme.

Meanwhile, the following will turn off their lights to show their commitment:


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Here is a facebook event with the planned activities: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537186019914587/

Reykjavik houses
  • The Loft Hostel: What a better way to spend an hour than an unplugged concert by Gustav Klyvo at candle light to raise awareness about the Earth Hour movement? All but the main lights will be switched off and guests will be encouraged to join.
  • Reykjavik Downtown Hostel & Reykjavik City Hostel: Get ready for a candlelit game night!
    A motivated team of volunteers will be preparing an event for guests to join in
  • Reykjavik City Hostel: A motivated team of volunteers will be preparing an event for guests to join in
  • National Office: Iceland walks the talk! HI staff in the office will also take part in the Earth Hour by promoting the event online.


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  • Luxembourg City Hostel: Non-essential lights will be off and the hostel will be playing Pink Floyd’s excellent album “Dark Side of the Moon” in the lobby/reception area.


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The Netherlands go from orange to green with a wide range of activities for the Earth Hour, in over 20 hostels. From the promotion of local environmental initiatives, to activities to foster the sharing of sustainable stories, join them to make the most of the hour.



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  • Hostel Tresor: The hostel goes romantic in the occasion of the Earth Hour! A candlelit poetry night will be hosted in the atrium, to inspire and gather people and guests around climate action


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USA will be celebrating the hour in a very special way this year and is preparing a lot. Some hostels chose to give a specific meaning to their event, under the theme “recharge yourself”. The idea is to disconnect from our daily technology usage and to reconnect with people and places around us. Join the following hostels for activities:

  • HI Austin: Infographics will be posted around the hostel to raise awareness among guests visiting for SXSW and non-essential lights will be turned off.
  •  HI Boston: The Harvard tour during the day will include a sustainability twist, as well as the bar crawl!
  •  HI Chicago: The hostel will be hosting a tech-free happy hour. Have we reached an even happier happy hour?
  •  HI New York City: New York joins the movement by incorporating the Earth Hour message into a magic and talent show and promoting ‘recharging yourself’ in action on the all-day NYC grand walking tour. Discover the Big Apple with a new eye.
  •  HI Pigeon Point: Join for a aw-generating moment : the hostel is partnering with the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club to host a star gazing. The lights of the hostel will be turned off and two telescopes set up.
  •  HI Point Reyes: Leading a night hike for guests to connect with the natural environment.
  •  HI Portland Hawthorne: The hostel is suggesting nothing less than 20 Free or Low cost ways to recharge yourself in and around the hostel, that are part of a Challenge programme lasting from 8am – 8pm. The challenge is to “recharge yourself” in three different ways and post selfies on HIUSA Instagram page. The programme is completed with a hostel mixer from 7:30 – 9pm with recycled disco ball, local beer/wine samples and food samples. There will be a countdown to Earth Hour and then a reflection on the event, the hostel’s commitment to sustainability, and global environmental issues and solutions.
  •  HI Portland Northwest: Join for a tech-free, blind-folded beer and food tasting will be held with a pub crawl to follow.
  •  HI Washington DC: Non-essential lights will be turned off in the hostel and a discussion will be held among guests to reflect on how we can make a better impact in the world.



What else can you do?

Whether you are travelling or at home, possibilities to think about your environmental footprint during the Earth Hour are endless, and here are a few suggestions:

  •  Host your own event! A horror storytelling party, a debate about environmental issues, a glow-stick dance night, a romantic candlelit table for two, etc.!
  • Consult the Earth Hour Event Tracker. The map is populated with all the landmarks and organization that will host activities for the Earth Hour, pay them a visit!
  • Volunteer for the environment. Because this event is all about the long term effects, open your mind to volunteering opportunities related to environmental conservation and to the difference you can make.
  • Think about commitment, think about beyond the hour, THINK! Use the hour to have a look at your environmental footprint. Where are you wasting? What could you change in your behaviour in order to be more respectful to the environment?
  • If travelling, travel wisely.

Say HI to a better world!

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