Which planet saving superhero are you?

November 11, 2015
A superhero quiz for the planet?
Sounds about right!

We are all on a constant mission to reduce our environmental footprint, and with the HI Sustainability Fund Competition running until December 5th 2015, choosing where to start can be an overwhelming decision. We thought we would give you a hand in working out which project best fits your personality and eco aspirations with a humoristic, yet meaningful at the end of the day, superhero personality quiz. This quiz will tell you exactly what planet saving superhero you match with, using horoscope-level accuracy (oh well!).

See which planet saving superhero fits you

A great collaboration

This novelty opened the way to a great collaboration with one of the winners of the 2013 edition of Big Blog Exchange:  Chee Ching (see her blog) nicely accepted to design the superhero figures that appear in the results (and we are absolutely charmed by her artwork!).

At the end, this is what travelling is all about: you meet people in some place, moment and circumstances, and you never know when life will make your ways cross again!

Now go and save the world the way YOU prefer.


You know you would look amazing in this outfit.

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