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September 01, 2015

Spain: Barcelona InOut Youth hostel

The Chill One

Escape the city to this fresh, laid-back hostel offering the ultimate chill vibes: lounge by the pool, play table tennis, then take a dip and cool off from that intense Barcelona summer heat.

Perfect match for: socialites who love a good party, but in a tranquil location. This natural haven 25 minutes from the city centre is spot on for those who aren’t looking for commitments, love a lie-in, are open to new plans and are seeking some light entertainment – either in the city or bouncing between the hostel’s two bars.

Ireland: Glenmalure Hostel

The Gentleman/ Lady

If this heritage-rich, mountainside hostel was a human, they would be a traditional, romantic soul who enjoys stirring walks in the countryside, good conversation and an open turf fire.

Perfect match for: those outdoors-y, meditative types who love to reflect in unspoiled rural landscapes. Perfect for history and literature lovers, you can share a moment swooning over the playwrights, poets and historical figures that have been inspired here. Though Glenmalure Hostel does not provide modern conveniences, the peaceful atmosphere and chance to acknowledge your burning desire for the beauty of County Wicklow will surely have you back for a second (and third) date.

Switzerland: Saas-Fee wellness hostel

The Good Looking one

Looks aren’t everything, but they help, especially when the handsome hostel in question has all the moves – or spa and fitness facilities – to make you feel good as well as look good.

Perfect match for: fitness fanatics, beauty addicts and landscape lovers. Get a double dose of beauty sleep with a stay at this spa and wellness hostel in the Swiss glacier village of Saas-Fee, fully equipped with everything you need to feel a million dollars, from contemporary architecture and modern features to pools, cafes and training amenities for athletes.

China: Shenzhen Loft

The Arty One

Located in The Creation & Art Park in the ever-evolving city of Shenzhen, this hostel neighbours the modern art centre ‘LOFT’, hosting exhibitions from all over the world and surrounded by cafes, fashion houses and studios. The hostel has absorbed more than a little of the local creativity, too, with cutting edge décor, boutique furnishings and offering a painfully cool, design oriented hangout.

Perfect match for: hipsters, post-hipsters, art aficionados and those who are attracted to a little something on the different side. If creativity, innovation and idea-sharing is your thing, your love affair with this arty hostel will be a long one.

Sweden: Stockholm – Långholmen

The Creepy One

This is a date you’ll never forget, where weird stories are shared, and dark histories are divulged. There have most definitely been skeletons in this hostel’s closet, but don’t be freaked out – a night in this former Swedish prison will be a unique, unforgettable experience, leaving you curious and keeping you on your toes.

Perfect match for: those who like to be kept under lock and key. Sure, you can explore Stockholm’s vibrant area of Södermalm with its bars, restaurants, theatres and galleries, but you’ll also look forward to grabbing a coffee from the hostel café, and getting back to your cell for more illustrious tales of woe and drinks in the safe confines of the bar.

Australia: Port Lincoln YHA 


Cowards beware, risk-takers welcome to your hot spot. Since 2002, The Neptune Islands (located off the coast of South Australia) is the only location in Australia in which shark cage diving is legally permitted. The waters surrounding the islands offer visitors a chance to get up close and personal with great white sharks, so beneath the surface, a stay at this hostel just gets more interesting. Port Lincoln is the perfect place to tick this adventure off your bucket list!

Perfect match for: wildlife lovers, adrenaline-chasers and those looking for a one-in-a-lifetime experience need book a bed at Port Lincoln YHA. OK – so even if you don’t want to get all up in a Great White’s grill – you can swim with tuna and sea lions, or indulge in a spot of surfing. Not so scary after all.

Spain: The Hat Madrid

The Suave Do-Gooder 

It’s boutique and quirky in all the right places, it’s eco-friendly, it’s perfectly placed for those who like to party – with its exquisite rooftop bar next to the beating heart of Madrid’s city centre. This hostel really will set the hearts of eco warriors and aflutter, with its unique use of Biomass energy and its chic, minimal décor. Sound too good to be true? It’s well within your league, whoever you are.

Got a favourite hostel you really hit it off with? Tell us what you loved about your hostelling experience below.

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any pet friendly hostels?

Hi Sharon, it depends where you want to go but yes, we do! You can filter our Explore Map by pet-friendly hostels:

One which springs to mind is our newly opened hostel dog friendly hostel in Grindsted-Billund, Denmark:

I hope this helps.


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