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6 reasons travelling in autumn is awesome

Whether you love summer beaches and BBQs or ski slopes and snuggles watching the snow fall in winter, you can’t deny that Autumn (or fall) is a wondrous season in the northern hemisphere for travellers. Here’s why we think Autumn is awesome…

1. Warming yourself with Autumn food

Autumn promises the start of rustic, cozy food such as stews, pies and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. And who can forget pumpkin spice? You can literally put that on anything in Autumn and it would taste amazing. Ever tried pumpkin spiced lattes? Check them out in Seattle.

Autumn Food

2. Taking in the Scenery

Autumn leaves can be astoundingly beautiful. What other time in the year is the changing of the seasons so vivid?  Walking for hours surrounded by swathes of reds, golds and oranges, you’d be hard pressed to enjoy a walk as much as New England’s  pride and place as the best destination for checking out mother nature’s wonder. How about Vermont?

3. Enjoying the seasonal festivities 

Autumn is awesome because it means the start of festivities filled with pumpkins, witches, candy, fireworks, sparklers and skulls. Give meaning to those cold evenings hostelling around the world with Halloween fun in San Francisco, Bonfire night frivolities in London and respectful, colourful celebration in Mexico City.


4. Celebrating peace in hostels or at home: #SleepForPeace

The magic of travelling is that it serves as a tool to break down cultural barriers. With the UN International Day of Peace on 21st September, we’re celebrating just this with our global Sleep for Peace events in hostels around the world. We’ll be getting to the core of what unites us with all kinds of fun, bizarre activities – from creating collaborative art in Canada, to eating peas for peace in Norway and watching thoughtful documentaries in Qatar. Take a look at how you can get involved, in hostels or from home.

there are no strangers here, only friends

5. Snuggling up on European city breaks 

Summer might be drawing to a close in Europe, but that just means long weekends or bigger stints spent wandering among beautiful buildings and people in Stockholm, witnessing the changing of the seasons in the incomparable natural surroundings of  Reykjavikor getting stuck into the clubbing and culture scene of Slovenia’s lovely capital, Ljubljana. Make sure you pack for sun and frost – September weather can be unpredictable here, but that’s part of the fun!

Enjoy the city rain or shine at The Hat Madrid hostel. 

6. Head south for summery climates 

Head over to Southeast Asia for mild yet exotic weather and landscapes: Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand all offer historically rich cities, rain forests, deserted islands and white sand beaches. Down under in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is here! Jet across to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for festival euphoria, outback adventures and a tan in time for the festive season.

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