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July 06, 2015
To help you plan your next adventure, we couldn’t think of anyone better than you – the globetrotters – to call the shots. We’ve taken some key info from our international travel community on insight into ideal destinations, and the best hostels chosen by you based on why you love to travel.

If you’re from EUROPE…

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You’ll probably want to escape bad weather for sun, sea and exotic locations. More than lounging on a beach, though, you seek an authentic experience: planning your next trip might involve closeness to locals, eco-tourism and the ability to travel green.

In summer: head for the Med

The countries hugging the stretch of Mediterranean coastline offer all the goods, from sun-kissed beaches to ancient culture and traditions – with excellent cuisines to boot.

In winter: stay cool in the Nordics

Scandinavia’s Denmark, Sweden and Norway along with Nordic Iceland and Finland offer ideal city breaks, combining unique culture, style and eco-savviness (one in ten cars sold in Norway in 2014 was electric).

Hostels voted by you:


Best for: unique atmosphere



Best for: eco tourism/ social


If you’re from… NORTH AMERICA

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Travellers from Canada and the USA seek stress relief and escapism, but many of you like to stay close to home: last year only 16% of the population took an overnight trip outside North America, and 51% don’t like going somewhere unless they can reach it by car.

In summer: pick the perfect US road-trip

Why not break away and get active closer to home by cycling or surfing the US west coast and staying at our route of hostels along the way.

In winter: branch out for a European city break

Re-attune your work life balance with a trip across the pond. A city break will give you a fresh perspective and allow your mind to unwind.

Hostels voted by you:

USA/ Canada

Cape Cod:  HI – Martha’s Vineyard

Best for: unique atmosphere/ nature lovers


HI – Toronto 

Best for: partying/ social


Europe city break

London: YHA London Oxford Street

Best for: shopping/ culture


Paris – Yves Robert

Best for: sightseeing/ eco-tourism



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You’re consistently looking for adventure, and one of your main travel motivations is finding beauty in nature: if you can combine this with an outdoor activity like hiking or swimming, then all the better. 

In summer: cool off and party in Northern Europe

It’s getting hot down under, so dip into Northern Europe’s distinctive and often crazy social scene and jet over to Germany’s Munich for Oktoberfest, or Scotlands Edinburgh for end of year Hogmanay celebrations to make new friends, learn and party.

In winter: fly over to a Canadian summer 

It’s no secret that Canada is bursting at the seams with natural beauty, whether you migrate to Banff for its breath taking hiking opportunities, or Vancouver for city, mountains and sea. Adventure guaranteed.


Munich: München – City

Best for: culture



Banff: HI – Mosquito Creek Wilderness Hostel

Best for: sports & activities/ nature-lovers


If you’re from ASIA… (Korea, China & Japan)


Affordable luxury and boutique, unique accommodation, sightseeing and sampling local cuisine all compete for the top spot for travellers from Korea, China and Japan – with a love for making memories and documenting the journey.

In summer: choose a culture capital of the world

In winter: pick a slice of affordable luxury or a centrally located shopping haven 

Hostels voted by you:

Summer: USA/ Italy

San Francisco: HI – San Francisco – Downtown

Rome: Roma – Downtown Hostel

Best for: culture/ sightseeing


Winter: Switzerland/ Belgium

Zurich: Zürich Youth Hostel

Brussels: Brussels – Bruegel

Best for: shopping/ relaxing


If you’re from SOUTH AMERICA…

asia (1)

Studies show that you South Americans will ditch the beach for art, culture, history and heritage. Maybe there’s an emotional tug that travelling has for you; you want to feel something different, chase new sensations and be affected by the learning and cultural findings you stumble across. After all, that’s what travel is all about.

In summer: heritage and history in Europe

In winter: stay on the continent for social volunteering

Heading to Brazil, Argentina or Bolivia will offer you the chance to give something back through the many social volunteering programs held through our hostels. Get involved in social engagement projects in the Andes, support eco-initiatives in Cochabamba or mingle with locals in Buenos Aires.   

Hostels voted by you: 


Amsterdam: Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Barcelona: Barcelona – Pere Tarrés

Best for: culture/ sightseeing



El Villar:  HI Hostel El Villar

Cochabamba: Eco Hostel Planeta de Luz

Patagonia: El Chaltén – Patagonia Hostel

Best for: eco-tourism/ nature lovers


Does our research reflect your travel habits? Tell us about your perfect trip in the comments below.

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