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Escape humans, flock to bird island Runde – home of the Atlantic Puffin

Runde, Norway is famous for its magnificent nature – and for being the spot where there are the the highest number of different birds in Scandinavia. In season the island has 90 people living there – but 500,000 birds…

The island of Runde is a beautiful place to visit – with green valleys, steep cliffs, hundreds of thousands of birds and the magnificent ocean right next to it. The sunset is worth a visit in itself!

How to get there

The island is easily reached from Ulsteinvik Hostel, located only 40 minutes away by car and connected by a bridge which is free of cost to cross. You can get to Runde all year by public transport (bus and speed boat), by car or by boat, with a guest marina on the northern part of the island.

The perfect trip 

A perfect day trip is starting off with a large breakfast at Ulsteinvik Hostel, before driving to Runde Lighthouse at the northern tip of the island. Here you are as close to the ocean as you can be. After this, walk across the island. At dusk the Atlantic Puffins come in from the sea, and this is a memorable sight not to be missed. To sit still and watch the puffins, nicknamed clowns of the sea, fly in with beaks full of fish while the sun sinks into the ocean, is a truly magical experience.

Stay at Ulsteinvik, a friendly seasonal hostel located in beautiful Sunnmøre. Here, hiking and other activities are found just outside the doorstep! Combine your visit to Runde with seeing Ålesund of the great Geiranger fjord.

Where’s your favourite island escape? Give us your local recommendations and tell us your travel stories below.   

Words by Ragna Skøien

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