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I love my city: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ursa, Barbara and David tell us their local favourites and recommendations in their home town Ljubljana, Slovenia’s small and lively capital, leaving you spoilt for choice with things to do. 

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Sum up your city in a tweet (140 characters):

– “The most romantic little laid back town with beautiful architecture, a lazy river, many bridges and great coffee everywhere.”

– “A relaxed European capital, perfect for taking some time off and enjoying the cultural diversity it has to offer.”

– “A small and cosy city with a relaxed urban vibe.”

The first place I would take a visitor would be: 

A walk around the city and coffee next to Ljubljanica river. 

When I crave a beer/wine, I always go to:

“Old part of the city, Stara Ljubljana”

“Daktari, because of their amazing selection of beers, or T.O.Z.D.”

To escape the city, I… 

“go to Roznik hill forest.” “go to park Tivoli for a picnic” “drive either to the seaside or Lake Bled.”

The perfect photo spot is:

“Butchers bridge” “On the way to the top of the Ljubljana castle hill” “Prešeren square.”
Prešeren square. Credit: Ramón

In a restaurant, you have to order:

“Štruklji” “Prekmurska gibanica for dessert” “Krajnska klobasa.”

Locals know to skip…

“BTC shopping centre and Franci na balanci bar.”

The one shop you need to visit is:

“Ika” – gift shop-cum-art gallery-cum-fashion designer  “Artish – not a shop, but an artisan market, happening every last Saturday of the month in the city centre. They have everything from jewellery to clothes and decorations.” “flat” – a collectibles and accessories shop.

When I’m on a tight budget…

“I bring my beer and sit by the riverbank” “I visit Metelkova city, buy a cheap beer and hang out in front of (or in, as most of them have free entry) clubs” “I go running by the river.”

Weirdest fact about my city:

“They used to throw cheating bakers from the Triple bridge into the Ljubljanica river” “The capital’s symbol is the dragon, which is depicted on Ljubljana’s coat of arms and on the Dragon Bridge. According to an old legend, Jason and the Argonauts came upon the dragon when they passed Ljubljana marshes. Jason slayed the dragon and became the founder of Ljubljana.” “Prešeren, after whom our main square is named, was in love in a 12 year old girl. His statue faces a statue of her.”


My city is the best for… 

Easy living and drinking coffee with friends” “Relaxing and taking a break from fast-paced city life. With a cup of good coffee in your hand.” “Enjoying a sunny day sitting outside in a café.”

For the best night out, I go to…

“Stara Ljubljana” “Metelkova city, where you can find an array of independent alternative clubs.”

And then for late night eats, head to

“Burek” “Any of the kebab shops you find on your way back from Metelkova.” “Ajda.”

For live music, check out…

“Trnfest in summer” “Kino Šiška or club Gajo for free jazz outdoor gigs in the summer.” “Jazz Club Gajo, Kino Šiška, Križanke.”

You can tell someone is from my city by…

“Their laid-back attitude” “Their friendliness and willingness to help tourists.”

In the summer:

“Sitting by the river drinking wine, festivals” “Relax in the sun in one of the parks, then head to a pub in the evening, it will always be full of interesting people.” “You can cool off in Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj, which is about a 30 minute drive from the city. A good night out equals Trnfest in August.”


In the autumn:

Chestnut houses, Tivoli park “Best to check out the Slovenian film festival Liffe, usually happening in November.” “Clubs open again after the summer break.”

In the winter:

 “Ice skating park, Christmas fair” “See the Christmas lights all around the city and then stop for some mulled wine in one of the Christmas market stalls.” “A hot cup of mulled wine will warm you right up.”

The best stop for brunch is…

“Le Petit Cafe” “Romeo café.”

92806075My favourite way to see my city is…

“Definitely by foot or bike, so you can see all the small shops and cafes that are well worth visiting.”

The best book/ film about my city is… 

“L’été slovène (Slovenian Summer) by Clément Bénech” 

When I think about my city, the first song that comes to mind is:

“Norah Jones” “Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out” “Marjana Deržaj – V Ljubljano.”

If you want to meet locals, head to…

“Franci na balanci” “Metelkova city”

Something that could only happen in my city:

“Trnfest, the festival which got its name after the district Trnovo. The concerts are outdoors and completely free of charge, and because of the amazing atmosphere it’s always nice to at least stop for a beer there.”

The best festivals in my city are:

“Druga godba, Ljubljana summer festival, Trnfest, Anan Desetnica” “Trnfest, a free of charge festival with live music (lasting for a whole month in August), Flow Fest (June 26th-28th), Druga Godba – a festival of alternative and ethno music.” “Trnfest, Mladi levi, ExPonto, Sonica.”

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