10 reasons why NOW is the right time to travel

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May 06, 2015

Making excuses is easy. An excuse for not travelling, even though you really want to, is that calm and safe notion that says: one day, I’ll travel. One day I’ll experience what this world has to offer. One day I’ll pack my bags and just travel the world. However, with the Northern Hemisphere now approaching the opportunities of summer – fresh food, acres of beaches and sun bleached towns, that dream you’ve had of seeing the world, should no longer be an excuse.

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We put to you the 10 reasons why now is the time to travel. Not in a few years, not someday. Now.
  1. Acting out your dreams is important.


2. And travel is not just about seeing places.


3. It’s also about seeing the world differently…


4. But we get it; there are obstacles, like anything in life.


5. However, having a positive attitude means you can achieve that travel dream.


6. Because realising that dream can have a profound effect on a person.


7. And shape what’s really important in this world of consumerism.


8. As well as experiencing those things that you’re most afraid to try.


9. But remember that travelling isn’t necessarily about planning.


10. It’s about being brave and taking that first step…


What motivated you to travel the world? Got any wise advice for us? Add your words of wisdom below.


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Travelling gives a new perspective about life and can help us change some of our habits or even create new ones. It helps you to recharge your batteries after disconnecting from your regular chores. Thanks a lot for posting these beautiful pictures.

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