Announcing our 2014 HI Sustainability Fund Winners

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November 28, 2014

We are delighted to announce the three winners of the HI Sustainability Fund (HISF) this year – a project which works to reduce our carbon footprint and promote commitment to the environment through our network.

The selection process allows HI travellers to donate a small amount of money per overnight booking with us, and then vote on their favourite project to win the fund – first place is selected by public vote and 2nd and 3rd by an international jury.

A huge thank you to all 12,327 of you who voted – for making an active and valuable contribution towards reducing our carbon footprint, and as a result a step towards taking care of the world we want to continue exploring for generations into the future.

This year was a tough one for the panel, with 12 creative and environmentally thoughtful projects participating from all over the world.

1st place…  “A Sustainable Future for YHA Boggle Hole,” – UK


Votes: 7,335
Prize: £25,000

The travellers’ choice, a huge congratulations to YHA Boggle Hole for winning first place and the world’s vote with their environmental and financial plans for sustainability.

Located in Yorkshire’s Whitby in the UK, tens of thousands of people access Robin Hoods Bay from Boggle Hole every year, and with such a high profile location, YHA Boggle Hole aims to capture the attention of the public to try and educate people about climate change and what we can do to minimise our negative effect on the earth.


The project

The project will increase energy efficiency through solar power, and educate the public on issues of sustainability. By installing photovoltaic panels at YHA Boggle Hole, the hostel will reduce carbon emissions by an amazing 4.1 CO2e tonnes annually (a 56% reduction).

Read more about the project here.

2nd place… “Micro-hydro installation in a natural park,” – Canada


Top jury vote
Prize: £6,026

This great project proposal by HI Canada was the favourite among our jury.


The Project

The planned installation of Micro-hydro power within the HI – Whiskey Jack hostel would generate its energy from a natural water source, and set in the natural haven of Yoho National Park, this project – alongside reducing 2.89 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year – will perfectly reflect the values and cultural experiences tied to its location, educating the hostel’s guests on impacting the environment as gently as possible.

Congratulations HI – Canada!

Read more about the project here.

3rd place… “Air conditioning system combined with water heating system” – Israel


Jury vote

With its funding figure yet to be confirmed, another fantastic project and firm favourite with our jury was this plan put together for the busy Eilat hostel in Israel, which allows them to use one compressor to produce heat, and use it for both air conditioning and their hot water supply.


The Project

Saving valuable heating energy, and saving an estimation of a huge 200 tonnes of CO2 per year, this forward-thinking hostel moves towards using eco-friendly products across the accommodation. Working with the Israeli Standards Institute to get a Green Label for their service, they plan to authorise 3 hostels by the end of 2014, and more into next year.

Read more about the project here.

Keep an eye out for further updates on what our HISF winners are doing, and how they are progressing. We’re eagerly awaiting some very exciting, eco-enhanced places to rest our heads.

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