You won’t believe these places are hostels!

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June 09, 2014

These hostels might change the way you see – well, hostels!

A converted railway carriage

YHA Raglan exterior view

YHA Raglan exterior view

All aboard! YHA Raglan in New Zealand offers unconventional accommodation in 14 recycled, authentic New Zealand railway carriages and cabooses. Guests can choose from larger, self-contained carriages or double, twin, dorm and triple share cabooses.

A treehouse overlooking the beach

Olympos Kadir's tree top bar

Olympos Kadir’s tree top bar

Olympos – Kadir’s Yörük is a fantastic hostel in Turkey where guests get to stay in treehouses! Here you can really immerse yourself in nature; after a day exploring the stunning natural beauty of Olympos, relax and take in the tree top views from the comfort of your own cosy tree house. If heights aren’t your thing, Olympos has private bungalows on the ground too.

A converted boat next to the gorgeous Margit Island

A cabin-dorm on Fortuna

A cabin-dorm on Fortuna

Budapest – Fortuna Boat is an unconventional hostel in Hungary’s capital offering easy access to the city sights, well-equipped accommodation, stunning views of Margit Island and tours of the Danube River

A lighthouse amongst the Appalachian Mountains

HI-Campbellton Hostel

HI-Campbellton Hostel

HI-Campbellton is Canada’s only operating lighthouse hostel and definitely an exciting way to combine awe-inspiring landscapes with unique accommodation. The hostel is only minutes away from public transport links, shops, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

A converted jumbo jet

Stockholm - Jumbo Jet Hostel

Stockholm – Jumbo Jet Hostel

Let’s fly away! Spend the night on board a real jumbo jet at Stockholm – Jumbo Jet Hostel in Sweden, the jet has been transformed into an amazing hostel. The sky’s the limit when you set foot in this super cool hostel!   Have you already stayed at one of these hostels? Let us know, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the box below or email us at

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Also interesting, The goods wagons at Station Square, Sydney. & A former prison in Ljubljana.

Does it really exist the hostel on a plane?? or a Boat ?? !! that takes you to nice places?? !! what are the prices ?

Hi Sylvia, click here for Stockholm’s Jumbo Stay hostel:

And here for Budapest – Fortuna Boat hostel:

You can find the prices on the hostel pages.

hi barbara from Singapore l also ever stay in ship hostel style before that was in Sweden
Stockholm it was really Eunice unusual and very nice accommodation too.

i want to know the miami hostel telephone number please alejandro

i want to know the miami hostel telephone number please

Hi Alejandro, you can find the HI – Miami Beach contact details here:


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