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What type of adventurer are you?

Adrenaline junkie

There are as many different types of adventurers as there are adventures – everyone’s got their own way of breaking out and seeing the world. If you don’t know quite where you fit in the world of adventurers read our list below of the classic types you’re likely to bump into while travelling and staying in hostels.

The nomad


The nomad follows nobody’s path but their own. A new city, a different hostel, an unplanned activity? The nomad’s got it all covered. Living vicariously is a way of life for this backpacker on the edge of society and for them social rules and norms don’t exist. Moving from one destination to the next with no other goal than seeing the world, the nomad’s unrestrained lifestyle is the envy of many a backpacker who’ve got the usual 9-5 to return to at the end of their few weeks of fun.

The adrenaline junkie

Adrenaline junkie

This traveller knows how to seek out a thrill. Canyoning, skydiving, bungee jumping or white-water rafting – the adrenaline junkie’s tried them all and he’s looking for more! No high risk activity’s too much for this brave rogue and where there’s fear, there’s fun in their world. Adrenaline capitals like New Zealand lure this adventurer with a smorgasbord of extreme sports and adrenaline pumping experiences like nerve-shattering bungee jumps and zip lining.

The flashpacker


Living out of a well-worn backpack while sharing a dorm room and living on instant noodles isn’t for everyone. But that’s not to say that the more high maintenance of us don’t long for the open road and hostel life too. The flashpacker expects all the luxuries of home while travelling and why not? Free Wi-Fi? They seek it out. Boutique hostels? They’ve already booked them. En-suite bathrooms? They wouldn’t expect anything else.

The wildlife enthusiast

Wildlife enthusiast

The likes of David Attenborough and Steve Irwin lit a fire in the soul of these adventurers a long time ago. It’s not enough to see the world – these guys and girls want to see its creatures too. From the savannahs of Africa to the jungles of Thailand, these nature-enthusiasts get a kick out of donning their khakis and exploring as many natural wonders as the globe can offer. Hostels in the wilderness or in isolated spots are favoured by this type of adventurer.

The volunteer

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Sometimes taking in the sights and exploring a new country isn’t enough – the volunteer wants to fully immerse themselves in a destination and contribute their time and energy to social or environmental causes while they’re at it. From building houses to caring for animals in a sanctuary, the volunteer knows how to make a difference. You might find this type of adventurer getting involved with hostel volunteer programmes or charity initiatives.


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Do you fit the profile of any of these types of adventurer? Maybe you’re a completely different type! Let us know in the comments box below. 

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