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10 of the best cities to see street art

Paris street art

Street art might have been seen as an act of vandalism once but it’s now a celebrated and respected form of art with stars of the street art world such as Banksy, Zephyr and Fairey gaining worldwide fame.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best cities to see street art so you can absorb all that the outdoors art community has to offer around the globe. With hostels in all of these great locations, you can plan a budget getaway to marvel at the painted, sprayed and stencilled wonders of the street art world.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin street art
© bjahind

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires street art
© McKay Savage

New York City, USA

Brooklyn street art
© Eva Prokop

São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo street art
© infinitygallery8x8x

Santiago, Chile

Santiago street art
© Jonathan Hood

London, England

Banksy at Notting Hill, London
© the euskadi 11

Paris, France

Paris street art
© agnes gautier

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town street art
© tsn92

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne street art
© Fernando de Sousa

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin street art
© William Murphy

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