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3 reasons to go surfing in France

Surfers on waves

If you know your sex wax from your grommets, then you’re probably hoping to spend the summer catching some waves. And if you don’t know what we’re on about, then this year could be the time to take up surfing and find out what the fuss is all about. 

Next you’re faced with a whole world of surfing possibilities – so here’s three reasons why you should head to Aquitaine in France.

Surfers on waves
Makes you want to be there now doesn’t it?

1) Ride the waves

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to gingerly test the waters or an experienced rider looking for a challenging bomb to conquer there’s a beach to suit your needs – all within a short distance. Head to Biarritz in the morning to mingle with the rich and famous in the water, then move up to Anglet for an afternoon of off-the-hook hanging 10. Head north to Hossegor for what are often called the world’s best surfing conditions and at the end of August you can watch the really good guys and gals taking part in the Rip Curl Pro world championships.

Up and down this stretch of coast are various surf schools where as a beginner you can rent all the gear hourly, daily or weekly – so you don’t need to splash out on kit – and can save your cash for post-surf beverages as you recount to your friends how you caught the ultimate wave. Even if you think you’re quite a cool surfer, it’s worth booking a few lessons to get extra tips on handling those gnarly waves.

Surf lessons
Surfing lessons are better than any other type of lessons we can think of


2) Make waves

Surfing’s not just about what happens on the waves is it? After a day in the water, you’ll want to go out and party. This part of Aquitaine has everything you might want – from relaxing cafes where you can have a few pinxtos washed down with a refreshing beer – to high-class Biarritz nightclubs where you can sip a cocktail and show off your surfing tan in something fabulous.

And there will be plenty of other surfers around to catch up with. In this part of France surfing is a way of life, so no-one will mind you telling them AGAIN and AGAIN how you caught that ultimate wave.

Biarritz Beach
Crowds getting some rays on Biarritz Beach

 3) Wave hello to new friends

Hostelling International has two hostels perfect for surfing in this part of France – where you’ll be assured of a warm welcome as well as a comfortable bed and value for money. Why has the word hostel got an extra letter that hotel doesn’t have? The S stands for social! You’ll meet travellers from across the globe in our friendly home-from-homes.

Our Biarritz hostel is just 2km from the city centre, set at the foot of the Pyrenees and steps away from the sea. Friendly, modern and equipped for people with disabilities this is a great spot for living the high-life of Biarritz but without the high costs. Our hostel in Anglet is only five minutes from wonderful waves and dream-like beaches. It’s a cool destination with good vibes, perfect for meeting travellers from around the world. Bike, surfboard and wetsuit rental are available at the hostel.

Guests outside the Biarritz Hostel in France
Guests outside the Biarritz Hostel

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