7 trips every twenty-something should take

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March 17, 2014
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Why wait to see the world? Gretchelle Quiambao shares her thoughts on how to make the most of being young and care free.

While backpacking through Asia alone can be a life-changing event for some people, so can a trek through the Amazon. Travelling is definitely a personal experience whether you’re out on a solo adventure or even on a road trip with your best friends. Us millennials have a lot to offer to the world and the world has a lot to offer us as well! Here’s a list of the 7 types of trips every twenty-something should embark on:

The Solo Adventure


No matter if you’re taking some time off from school or still unsure about what you want to do with your life, taking a solo trip is a great way to give yourself a jumpstart into doing something great. Sometimes taking time to get to know your self is the remedy to kick that quarter-life crisis. Take the ever-popular EuroRail trip after college to find not only a new adventure but also new friends. Plus, there are plenty of solo travellers all over the globe, you could find your new best friend at some hostel in Paris.

The Semester Abroad


Going to college can be quite the adventure already but if you have the opportunity to live and study in a foreign university, here’s a tip – do it! Not only is this a great way to boost your resume once you graduate and get into the workforce but it also gives you the chance to truly immerse yourself in a whole new culture. Keep in mind – many study-abroad students tend to stay within their comfort zone by sticking with other foreign students but try to get friendly with the locals and interact with students from all over the university.

The Friendship TripGroup of friends having fun on their bikes

Looking for a travel buddy? Who better than your best friend or friends? Put your friendship to the test by going on a trip together. You’ll have someone to share some great experiences with and will likely bond over the trials and tribulations of travelling. Sometimes travelling solo can get a bit lonely and having a couple of friends along for the ride can help you try things maybe you wouldn’t have alone.

The Adventure Trek

In a world where we’re constantly connected through our laptops, smartphones and tablets, taking a break from technology to camp at Yellowstone or hike through Bolivia can be a great refresher for life in general.  You’ll return from your trip not only with the ultimate adventure that everyone dreams of taking but you’ll also feel revived from that little break from the digital world and find some exciting adventure that you can’t get from sitting in front of a computer screen.

The Romantic Getaway

Just like the Friendship Trip, going on a getaway with your significant other can both strengthen and challenge your relationship. A romantic vacation for you and your partner is a great way to gain that alone-time you both need. Paris is known for romance but many couples find that going to a less popular city can turn it into that special city that is just “theirs”. Why not try exotic Morocco instead? Of course a romantic getaway depends on you and your special person’s interests so try to find a destination that will please both of you.


The Extended Stay

Some people are just made for the city or town they were born in, others might have a different geographical soul mate. You’ll never find out where you really belong unless you travel and sometimes spending time to get to know a destination can help you discover your real home away from home. Spending a couple months or even years in a place far from home can teach you not only to be independent but also that sometimes your real home might be waiting for you on the other side of the world.

The Spontaneous Visit

For many of us routine can become draining and we need a bit of whimsy. Know somebody who lives somewhere you’ve never visited before? Why not pay them a visit out of the blue? Ever wanted to visit London just because? Book your flight for next week and don’t think twice. The best moments come out of being spontaneous and throwing a curve ball into your routine can stimulate creativity.

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So there you have it, the travel bucket list for your twenties. The destinations are entirely up to you as one couple’s romantic Parisian dinner might actually be a cosy bonfire feast by the beach. Use this list as your springboard to planning that trip that changes your life or your relationship. You are always more likely to regret the things you never did rather than the things you had the courage to just jump into.

Inspired to travel? Which trip would you go for or have done already? Tell us more about it in the comments box below. 

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My friend and I are in our sixties now and still go to hostels. ? I did when I was a teenager..a great way to see the world..

I’ve done a couple solo trips, romantic trip and best friend trip. I’m really excited for a best friend trip with the most beautiful lady this fall <3

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