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Top tips to boycott Valentine’s Day

Yes we’re talking about Valentine’s Day already; when you’re single, it pays to be prepared. If you don’t come up with an escape plan now, before you know it, you will be surrounded by an infestation of hearts and flowers and your Facebook will be full of smug couples declaring their love for one another.

Don’t let this enforced romantic ritual get you down; here are our suggestions for the best ways to avoid the reek of romance…


Fall head over heels with New Zealand

Did you know that there are much cooler ways than love to experience the dizzying symptoms of being ‘lovestruck’? Get your endorphin-high by taking part in extreme sports in the thrill-seekers paradise that is New Zealand. With a multitude of activities on offer from bungee-jumping to zorbing, your heart will soon flutter and those crazy butterflies will be in your stomach faster than you can say, ‘I hate Valentine’s Day.

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Let Queenstown Central YHA be your matchmaker, they can help set you up with the perfect adrenaline-fuelled activity for you.

Go to jail

Don’t worry we’re not suggesting that you partake in illegal activities to avoid this horrendous holiday (although thinking about it, kidnapping Cupid might not be a bad idea). We’re also not suggesting playing a riveting game of Monopoly all night long; instead why not pay a visit to one of our unique prison-style hostels? Lock yourself away from the mushy madness before it’s too late!

HI-Ottawa Jail

Keep your heart under lock and key; choose from HI-Ottawa Jail in Canada, Jail House Hostel in Taiwan or STF Långholmen Hostel – Stockholm in Sweden.

Leave your heart in San Francisco

Are you single and ready to mingle? Spend a decadent night partying in style at The Anti-Valentine’s Ball with other fabulous singletons. You will have a memorable slush-free night, unlike those poor committed souls who are too laden down with a ball and chain to dance freely and too busy holding someone else’s hand to hold an ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’ cocktail.

Let San Francisco take your breath away…

Take your pick from three eligible hostels in San Francisco, all looking for that special someone to spend the night with.

Binge on nostalgia

Are you nursing a broken heart? Why not try a visit to The Museum of Broken Relationships. The items on display in this museum are personal relics of memorabilia from broken-hearted people around the world. The aim of this movement is to encourage healing by creating something positive.

Love sucks!

This is your chance to get rid of that hideous teddy bear from your ex without feeling guilty! Once you’ve shed the emotional and physical baggage, go and celebrate your new-found lightness in the party city of Zagreb, you can choose from two HI hostels in the city centre.

Elope with Norway

If all else fails, take the plunge and commit to the stunning Fjords of Norway. After spending a day hiking in beautiful scenery, you will be weak at the knees, not just from all that mountain trekking, but from experiencing that elusive phenomenon – love at first sight.

Preikestolen could be ‘The One’

Let Norway woo you, choose from HI’s array of hostels, all waiting to win your heart.

Don’t sit around weeping because nobody has sent you a Valentine’s card! Instead, make this day all about you (the love of your life) and treat yourself to an exciting escape, check out hihostels.com for further inspiration.

And always remember that Cupid rhymes with stupid!


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