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Do not miss out on Malmo: A day trip from Copenhagen

Guest blogger Gretchelle Quiambao shares her tips for visiting Malmö – Copenhagen’s Swedish sister. You can also read her personal blog here.

Copenhagen is a bustling modern city with the buzz of bicycles flooding the streets and its numerous squares are always filled with people, either on their way to a trendy store or simply just people-watching. While the city can be thrilling you may want to escape to a more laid-back and relaxing atmosphere. Fear not, weary traveller your second destination for a two-nation vacation is only a 30 minute train ride away.


Known as the ‘City of Parks’, Malmö has no shortage of greenery. Visitors will enjoy the relaxing and comforting atmosphere that the city brings. Walking through the town you’ll notice plenty of green space and make sure to take full advantage of the outdoor experiences available throughout the city. Take a stroll through Kungsparken and get lost through the numerous paths throughout the park. You can even rent a paddleboat to ride through the canal that runs through the city.

Malmö is a great day trip to take if you want to give your wallet and your mind a rest from Copenhagen. Shopping and dining can be cheaper here than in the Danish city across the water. Visit Lilla Torg for trendy shopping and dining, while this area has picturesque architecture it is also more of a tourist spot for the city so prices will be higher at restaurants than in areas such as Möllan. Möllan is a much more relaxed area and is known as the hipster area of town. Don’t let this label put you off from taking a stroll in the area were you will find international eats that are tasty and budget-friendly. There are also numerous bars and clubs in the area including the popular Debaser where you can also catch a concert or if you’re looking to get your dance on, check out Cuba Café.

MöllanSweden is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world and they definitely know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Be sure to take a coffee and cake break or ‘fika’ during your stay. Check out Noir Kaffekultur for a great caffe latte and a delicious pastry that combines modern flavours with classic Swedish treats such as cinnamon buns, almond cakes or ‘semlor’ Lenten buns.

Bastard is where the foodies flock to in Malmö. This modern restaurant has quickly built a positive reputation on the dining scene; you do not want to miss out on this food experience! Cheaper than say a meal at Noma in Copenhagen, but with the same modern and trendy atmosphere that is expected of many Scandinavian restaurants. The chef combines classic Scandinavian cuisine with Spanish, French and Italian influences to create modern fusion dishes that will satisfy your palette.

To get a feast for your eyes visit Moderna Museet, one of the leading contemporary and modern art museums in Europe. Find some design inspiration in this museum from everything from furniture to paintings. The numerous exhibits from contemporary artists from all over the globe will complete your visit to one of Sweden’s most cultural diverse cities.

Malmö is a great escape to a cultural centre with many different cultures blending with typical Swedish culture. Travellers will love the crisp air in this Swedish city and will find a treasured town that blends new and old perfectly to create a unique experience. You’ll fall in love with this quaint city and if you’re looking to extend your stay HI Hostels have two great hostels in the area complete with contemporary Swedish furnishings!

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