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Rio de Janeiro: World Cup trip tips

Which of you fun-loving folks are heading off to Rio for Fifa’s World Cup 2014? Incomparable natural beauty and the Cariocas, local people known for their extreme friendliness and laid back lifestyle, will definitely make your football experience truly unforgettable.  Joie de vivre is pretty contagious here, so why don’t you go with a flow, drink mate leão to cool yourself down and join the fun on the street and the stadium.

Football facts

The Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho, better known as the Maracanã, was originally built for the 1950 World Cup. Back then, the final match had a devastating outcome for the country and the audience was left silent after a loss against Uruguay. Since then, the stadium has been redeveloped with a total capacity of 78,838 and Brazil is once again full of expectation and football spirit. Seven matches will be played here including one quarter-final and the final. Go on, place your bets who do you think is going to be in the final?

Food and drink

Rio is known for its mixed cultures which is reflected in its cuisine. The city boasts an endless variety of bars, restaurants and street stalls where you can enjoy a real taste of Brazil. Try feijoada, a traditional bean, pork and rice dish, or, as many Cariocas do, you might find it cheaper to eat on the go in the butecos and get some delicious and quite fattening snacks.


Even though Rio is football crazy, this city has a lot more to offer. Get a train to climb you up the Corcovado and get to see Rio’s symbol of Christ the Redeemer and a spectacular panoramic view of the city. To be more adventurous, grab a map and get there on your own through the Tijuca National Park which is currently the most extensive urban forest in the world and home to wildlife and 30 beautiful waterfalls. Visit one of many museums such as Museum of Modern Art, the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, and the Imperial Museum of Brazil or be impressed by the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, one of the world’s most remarkable libraries. So what is your pick?

Christ the Redeemer


Rio de Janeiro is a champion at partying and a world-leader of nightlife at any time of the year. Sip on a caipirinha while learning to samba in a local bar, dance till you drop in many of the city’s clubs and bars located alongside the beaches and immerse yourself in a party spirit. There are plenty of options where to hit the party, but the most fun and the most authentic experience is normally outside, on the beaches and on the street where nobody really cares about what you’re wearing. Get your shorts and flip-flops on and hit the party scene in Lapa neighbourhood on Friday night, experience unforgettable moments and soak up free-spirited local culture.


To relax away from the games and to escape the crowds, the typical choice would be the world-famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. However, these are not especially ideal to get over a hangover or to have a bit of peace and quiet as they are a focal point for Cariocas who tend to have fun wherever they are. For more relaxed environment, take a stroll to Lebion beach which is not that far from Ipanema.

Cocktails at Copacabana Beach

Where to stay:

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