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Meet the hostel staff: Jockey Club Mt. Davis, Hong Kong

Ivan Tam, 34, is the manager of Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth Hostel on Hong Kong Island. The hostel enjoys spectacular panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the Mount Davis summit, making it an excellent place to relax and enjoy the scenery after a busy day exploring energetic Hong Kong. As well as discovering the delights of the city, hostellers can take a hike up Mount Davis – the beginning of the trail is opposite the hostel and takes you past the historic Mount Davis Battery where you can see remnants of World War II such as old bunkers and barracks.

We’ve asked Ivan to complete some sentences for us so we can find out exactly what it’s like to work in such a spectacular location.

Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth Hostel, Hong Kong

Stunning sea view, Hong KongThe best thing about my hostel is… the stunning sea view, especially at sunset!

The best part of my job is… enjoying the beautiful sunset at the hostel and making friends with many hostellers from all over the world.

My best memory of working at my hostel is… having hotpot dinner, playing guitar and singing with hostellers.

The worst memory of working at my hostel is… dealing with drunken hostellers.

I love working in my city because… we have everything you could ask for! Hong Kong is an international cosmopolitan city surrounded by country parks. The city’s unique attraction is its contrasting view of skyscrapers and the harbor against the lush green mountain.

The best piece of advice I can give to a traveller visiting my city is… plan for wet weather in the summer. Also, don’t be afraid to try the unfamiliar types of food offered by street vendors.

The best place to eat in my city is… experience the best Dim Sum (dumplings) at any Chinese restaurants in the city. There is a large price range of food for your selection from 4 USD for a bowl of noodles to 40 USD for a seafood feast. Mong Kok in Kowloon and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island are the places to go.

The best place to relax in my city is… sitting on the hostel terrace with a glass of champagne or a cup of coffee to enjoy the incredible sunset.

Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth Hostel, Hong KongI’d encourage travellers to come to my city because… Hong Kong is a hub for travellers going to or coming from Mainland China or other Asian countries. We have all the professional facilities and services needed for travellers to plan their trip. The economical, efficient and reliable public transport network helps travellers to explore the city and any nearby China cities at ease without much hassle. The sales-tax-free city also benefits  travellers who want to find bargains and top-quality products.

On my days off I like to… travel and stay with my family at beaches and play street ball games with friends.

Would you like to visit Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth hostel? Find out more and make a booking here.

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