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Fancy being a guest blogger for HI?

View over Maccu Picchu, Peru

We’re looking for new contributors to our blog – and that could be you!

We love travel and we love finding out about new places. Sadly, more often than not we’re stuck at our desks at Hostelling International HQ in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and not out seeing the world. Boo hoo. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for lively, engaging writers who can create compelling bespoke content.

Topics we might be interested in:

  • Insights into life in our hostels
  • Free or cheap things to do in a specific place
  • An insider’s guide to an area including hidden gems that other travellers may not know about
  • Top nightlife spots in a particular region


Or maybe you specialise in a certain field and can bring that expertise to our blog, for example:

  • Craft expert on a knitting tour of South America
  • Food guru trying out local obscure dishes
  • Mummy blogger using hostels for the first time
  • Photographer capturing off-the-beaten-track images


Let your imagination fly, the sky’s the limit

Hot air ballooning over Devon
Go up, up and away with your writing

We would need your real name, age, your country of residence and we can link to your blog if you have one, but we cannot link commercially. A nom de plume may be used if agreed prior to publication. Content provided to Hostelling International must be for our sole use and your own original work, not previously published anywhere else.

As a charity, we’re not able to provide payment or free accommodation, but we can showcase your writing and point our many users to your site through our popular social media streams. We can also provide graphics for your website to direct your users to your guest blog on HI.

If you’d love to write for us, then get in touch initially with a brief proposal for your blog using the form here: https://hotelsmigradev.wpengine.com/contact/

We’ll consider your idea and get back to you ASAP. Looking forward to hearing from you already.

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