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As Corcerizas dream comes true

A hostel’s dream of being totally self-sufficient is in the pipeline after As Corcerizas won the second prize and £24,800 in the Hostelling International Sustainability Fund 2013.

The Spanish hostel’s ambition is to become powered purely by renewable energy sources. The award will be used towards making this dream come true and the money will be used to install a wind turbine, construct a radiant raw clay wall (an efficient heating system due to its production of heat by the natural means of air and the sun) and to create educational programmes teaching youngsters how to make a difference and protect nature.

The hostel, in the heart of the Central Massif in Orense, has captured some of their project aspirations on this video.

As Corcerizas, which makes for a great green getaway, is known for its strong belief of sustaining our planet and apart from acting as a hostel, it hosts various events supporting eco-movement in partnership with Friends of the Earth, such as the Young Friends of the Earth Summer Camp and Get Moving Too. The main goal of these programmes is to build a network of activists whose joint efforts will help to develop and implement campaigns focused on environmental and social change.


The hostel believes that if we want to change the world, we must start with ourselves and so As Corcerizas has already adapted various measures to reduce its carbon footprint by composting organic waste, purifying waste water through a filter plant and using local, organic and Fair Trade certified food.


All this could not be achieved without you, HI travellers, and your support towards offsetting your carbon footprint. We have been collecting your donations over the year so we can give financial help to hostels to implement these initiatives and now we are able to make it happen and fulfil As Corcerizas’ goal. We all are part of the solution and every small step makes the ascent to ‘Mount Sustainability’ more achievable.

Analia Moares, head of the centre and manager of the hostel, said: “This award recognises the effort of all workers and volunteers that through their professionalism and motivation have managed to push through a democratic project that will make As Corcerizas 100% renewable energy, thus highlighting the viability of a centre that operates off the grid.

“We want to thank all the people who have supported As Corcerizas and have made utopia a reality.”

Sergio Montoya, chief executive of the Spanish Associations Red Española de Albergues Juveniles  (REAJ) said: “Here, in REAJ, we want to thank HI for this amazing initiative that helps to preserve our environment and make a more sustainable world; I also want to thank everyone who voted for our youth hostel and contributed to Spain to win the contest.”

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