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Four must-visit places in Japan

Japan is home to some of the most wonderful places on earth. There are many attractions for people who are interested in history, spirituality, art, literature, and the culture and traditions of Japan. Besides, you can adore the beauty of nature at beaches and other natural places in the country. The streets of ultra-modern cities are bustling with crowds dressed in dark executive suits and younger people adorning ultra-glamorous clothes and accessories.

So if you are planning a get-away to Japan, ensure you plan it well. You have plethora of options to make the trip memorable. Before finalising the details of the trip, you should sit down and sort out the places you want to visit.

As the entire country is beautiful and is swathed in culture and tradition, making a final decision is not always easy. However, you can go through a few blogs about Japan and find out about some un-missable places in the country.

Here are a few of my must-visit places in Japan:

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Himeji Castle: Also known as ‘White Heron Castle’, the Himeji Castle is one of twelve castles still in original condition. In the vicinity of Osaka, this age-old castle is located in the Himeji-Hyogo prefecture. There are many cherry and pine trees in the surroundings of this castle making it a beautiful site in the months of spring. The Himeji Castle is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and was constructed between 1333 and 1346.

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Todai-ji Hall, Nara: This is one of the must-visit cities in Japan. Nara is the oldest capital of Japan and considered as the first city in the country. It was founded in 8th century and is home to famous Todai-ji Hall that is considered to be the world’s biggest wooden building. There is a huge statue of Buddha inside the building. This hall is the centre of Kegon Buddhism in the country. Nara has a few other archaeological sites to see and skittish deer are found in abundance in the city.

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Mount Fuji: At the height of 12, 377 feet, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain and is an iconic natural landmark in the country. Almost a quarter of a million mountaineers climb Mount Fuji almost every year during the months of July and August. During the winter season, it is a privilege to see the calming beauty of Mount of Fuji.

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Okinawa: In earlier times, Okinawa was a free kingdom that went by the name of Ryukyu Okoku. Settled for almost 450 years between 15th to 19th centuries, they were close to China; still, the place holds influences of Chinese culture. The administrative centre and royal court of the Ryukyu government was at the Shuri castle in Naha. Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the castle was rebuilt many times over the years.

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Have you travelled to Japan? Or are you planning a trip? Tell us what your must-visit places are in the comments box! View our Japan hostels here.

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