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4 things you should know about Ireland

The fun-loving spirit, friendliness and the magic of Ireland’s many beautiful destinations have proved popular with its many visitors. In case you would like to know a little more before packing your bags, here are 5 perfect reasons to visit!

1. County Wicklow is a Diva!

With its natural beauty, County Wicklow, which is located south of Dublin, has provided breathtaking backdrops to many famous films, including “Braveheart”, “Excalibur”, “Into the West”, “Michael Collins”, “Reign of Fire” and “King Arthur”. Passionate movie fans can enjoy the stunning settings whilst taking part in one of the organised tours that explore these well-filmed areas.

After a day of exploring, kick back and enjoy a pint of the black stuff at The Harbour Bar in Bray, County Wicklow, which scooped the prize for the best overall pub in the world according to Lonely Planet! A favourite of many celebs and locals alike – you never know who you might bump into!

Explore County Wicklow for yourself and revel in its beauty at the 5-star rated Glendaloch International Hostel and Knockree Hostel.

2. The Irish ‘Seventh Wonder of Nature’

As contenders for the global online campaign to find the new ‘7 Wonders of Nature’ in 2011, the magnificent ‘Cliffs of Moher’, on the west coast of Ireland, are a must see. You might recognize them as the “Cliffs of Insanity” in The Princess Bride, the location of Voldemort’s cave in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as well as from a couple of episodes of Father Ted, a popular TV sitcom! Lonely Planet is also a fan, with County Clare and the famous cliffs selected in their ‘Top 10 places in the world to cycle’.

Check out the famed surf in Lahinch while you’re there and stay at Burren Hostel for this popular resort.

3. Haunting Donegal sounds

The peace and tranquility of Donegal has proved popular in recent years with many travellers seeking to escape from the hassle of the modern world. Described as ‘having a haunting, surreal beauty’; the atmosphere of Donegal is part of the ‘Clannad’ Irish sound. The renowned ‘Poisoned Glen’ with its resident ghost ‘The Green Lady’ gives an eerie sense of mystery to the area as do the many ghost stories of the county, which you can learn while exploring the ‘Bloody Foreland’ walk!

Whether you’re a ghost-hunter or a peace-keeper, chill out at Errigal Hostel.

4. Adventurers choose Killarney

TripAdvisor’s ‘Travellers Choice’ selected Killarney as one of the ‘Top 10 Outdoor & Adventure Destinations in Europe’ and therefore cautions travellers to “Forget fashionable footwear, as only your most comfortable shoes will cut it in Killarney!” It’s a walking town, and every trail is a history lesson! You can journey on foot through Ireland’s first national park – 26,000 acres of woodlands, Sandstone Mountains and low-lying lakes. When your feet wear out, take in Killarney National Park via boat from Ross Castle.

With ‘EcoAdventure Ireland’ packages now available for groups at Killarney International Hostel there is an outdoor activity pursuit to challenge your sense of adventure!

Pull on your hiking boots and forget the pedicure while staying at Killarney International Hostel.

To experience all that Ireland has to offer, from wild nights out in Dublin to the wilderness of Donegal, the beauty of the Kerry and Wicklow ways check out our full list of hostels in Ireland and make your hostel booking today!

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