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Day 3 – BBE Daily Summary!

It’s day three of the BBE, and all of our bloggers are beginning to settle in (the jet lag is slowly but surely going away) and are ready to explore their exchange destinations. Our bloggers have seen some amazing sites so far, and are beginning to blog about their daily experiences on their exchange partner’s blogs – so make sure you check out the full stories on the bigblogexchange.org wall!

Andy Anderson from USA (blogging from Spain)


Andy has arrived safely in Madrid! We look forward to hearing what he has been up to!

Sara Rodriguez from Spain (blogging from USA)

Sara has blogged her initial impressions of the US on Backpacking Diplomacy! It seems that after months of preparing (and getting nervous for her trip), the fact it’s now so real has meant that Sara is really positive about being in Boston!


So far, she has been enjoying the sites of her first #bigblogX city!


And having lunch at Quincy Market!


Audur Osp from Iceland (blogging from Israel)

Audur has posted her first blog post on Ali’s blog ‘The Sweeping Swallow’ documenting her initial reactions upon arrival to Jerusalem!

sweeping swallow

The first thing she noticed about the city was the colourful flowers – we have to agree, they are beautiful!


Ali Karp from Israel (blogging from Iceland)

Whilst Ali has also posted on Audur’s blog – I Heart Reykjavik!


Kisty Mea from Singapore (blogging from the UK)

After a day in the hustle and bustle of London, we’re sure Kisty was pleased to be heading out to the countryside yesterday where she was able to explore the birthplace of Shakespeare – before watching a performance of the playwright’s very own – ‘As You Like It’.



Today, she’s off to Shropshire to explore the countryside further!

Sophie Roberts from UK (blogging from Singapore)

Sophie was greeted in a humid Singapore by the HI team!

sophie singapore

And is now beginning to explore her first full day!

Rosario Lamastra from Argentina (blogging from New Zealand)

The last few days have been all about Wellington for Rosario – and what a busy time she’s had so far! From attending the Wellington Jazz festival – to exploring the very best ice cream shops, we’ve certainly enjoyed reading what she’s been up to!


rosario icecream

Katherine Kearsley from New Zealand(blogging from Argentina)

Katherine has been exploring the area of Estacion Olivos, enjoying another Asado with the team from Hostel Suites Florida and even spotting another Tango session whilst walking through the centre!

argentina kapcha

She wasn’t sure whether the dance across the road after spotting this lit up traffic light sign…

dance crossing street

Natalia from Brazil (blogging from France)

Natalia has been checking out the sites of Paris by bike!

paris natalia

Claire from France (blogging from Brazil)


Claire from The Green Geekette (middle) has arrived in São Paulo and was greeted by the entire 360 Meridianos team – as well as a few other bloggers.


She also had the chance to meet the HI Brazil President – Maria José.

Camie Juan from Philippines (blogging from Germany)

After a long day travelling from Frankfurt to Munich, Camie finally arrived early yesterday evening – and spent her time wisely, exploring, blogging and trialing Germany’s finest food and drink (including Currywurst).




Tina from Germany (blogging from Philippines)

Tina chose to end her first day in the Philippines in style – with a cocktail from Raffles!


Before setting off on her journey to Bohol (at 6AM)!


Liesbet from Belgium (blogging from South Africa)

Liesbet added a video ‘How To Survive 26 Hours Travelling – In One Minute’ documenting her travel journey, before arriving in Cape Town! You can watch this here.


She has been enjoying the relaxing attitude of the South African culture – and tasting the local cuisine! Yum!


She is staying in the Nelson Mandela room at The Backpack Hostel in Cape Town! Check out the wallpaper!


nelson mandela room

Didi from South Africa (blogging from Belgium)

Didi was met by Peggy, another finalist of the Big Blog Exchange who came to show her round Antwerp for the day.


She enjoyed taking photos of the nearby street art.

street art

Before trying a local (dutch) delicacy at the food market – Maatjes (which are eaten raw and in one bite!).

didima didimak

She then visited a social project based in linkeroever (left bank) of the Schelde river. The social project is called “Biodroom” (Bio-dream). The place is owned by the city and residents of the city are invited to collectively garden/farm their own fruits and vegetables.



Jeremy Fowler from Canada (blogging from Malaysia)

Jeremy is enjoying another day in Malaysia, we can’t wait to hear what he’s been up to! In the meantime, Chee kindly left him some tips – illustrated of course!

cheecanada cheemalaysia

Chee Chingy from Malaysia (blogging from Canada)

Chee has already been updating Jeremy’s readers about her first 48 hours in Canada – and we love how she has incorporated illustrations into her photos!

cheephoto1 cheephoto2

cheephoto3 cheephoto4


Follow all 16 of our winning bloggers over at the bigblogexchange.org , where all of their posts, pictures and experiences will be published daily on the wall.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in 10 days? Do so through our bloggers eyes!

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