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Day 2 – BBE Daily Summary!

It’s day two of the Big Blog Exchange and the winners are now beginning to explore their exchange destination, or are on the last leg of their journey. It’s so exciting seeing what everyone is up to and following their instant updates via Twitter (#bigblogX) but in case you’ve missed anything, here’s a little summary!

Andy Anderson from USA (blogging from Spain)

Still on his journey to Spain, Andy has kindly written a ‘guide to his country’ for Sara to use whilst she explores the US!


Sara Rodriguez from Spain (blogging from USA)

After a long journey, Sara finally reached her destination – the USA!


She was really impressed at how eco-friendly her hostel in Boston is!

Audur Osp from Iceland (blogging from Israel)

With three flights before reaching Israel, Audur needed some food to keep her going and decided on this hot dog in Copenhagen airport! It looks delicious!


This morning, she finally arrived at her hostel in Jerusalem – although the flight didn’t go as smoothly as she’d hoped she said the the HI representative who picked her up was ‘super sweet’ and that she couldn’t wait to get some rest before exploring Israel!

Ali Karp from Israel (blogging from Iceland)


Ali tweeted the #bigblogx goodnight before stepping onto her flight headed for Iceland! We can’t wait to see what she has been up to and what her initial reactions of the country are!

Kisty Mea from Singapore (blogging from the UK)



After arriving early evening yesterday at Heathrow airport (welcomed by James – the manager of YHA London Central & the Queen – well sort of), Kisty has already been exploring London’s most iconic landmarks.


Tonight, she is heading off to Stratford (the birthplace of Shakespeare) to explore the UK’s countryside!

Sophie Roberts from UK (blogging from Singapore)


After mountain climbing on her honeymoon, Sophie made her journey to Singapore today.

hi singapore

Where HI Singapore were all ready and waiting for her!

singapore sophie

Rosario Lamastra from Argentina (blogging from New Zealand)

Suffering from jet lag – Rosario felt a little lost, but was told to ‘follow the green line’ for her connecting flight (and said she felt a little like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, following the yellow brick road!).

follow the green lineAsí me recibieron en Wellington! @hihostels @YHANewZealand #bigblogxPorlacalle Caminando por Wellington encontré un barcito escondido Ti Kouka #bigblogxrosario

After arriving, she quickly settled down in her Wellington hostel (I’m sure that bed looked super comfy after a long flight) and headed off to the Wellington jazz festival. There’s no rest for a blogger!

Katherine Kearsley from New Zealand(blogging from Argentina)


Katherine is on the train to Olivos today for an Asado with the Hostelling International staff in Argentina! Asado is is a term used both for a range of barbecue techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbecue in Argentina – it sounds delicious!

Natalia from Brazil (blogging from France)

off to France

Natalia is on her way to France – and has her passport ready!

Claire from France (blogging from Brazil)

Claire is all aboard her flight to Brazil!

on her way to the airportReady to board #bigblogx prête à embarquer les loulous, à très bientôt

Camie Juan from Philippines (blogging from Germany)

Her first day of exploring Germany and Camie has already made several observations about local culture, which she shared on Twitter.

camie1 camietweets lunchcamie


She’s now on her way to Munich – passing through the German countryside (right past where Tina lives!).

Tina from Germany (blogging from Philippines)

After a long flight (but with tasty food on China Airlines), Tina was met at the airport by her exchange partner Camie’s dad and sister! Together, they went for lunch in Manila and Tina was able to try some of the local food for the first time.

tina manila tina1 tina11

This morning, Tina decided to explore the sights of Manila further – and stumbled across a cooking show, which we’re sure is right up any foodie’s street! She says that Manila has surprised her so far, as there’s no rain and the locals are really friendly!

Liesbet from Belgium (blogging from South Africa)

Liesbet went shopping, tasted some new dishes and blogged in anticipation of her flight to Cape town!

Waiting part IV eating @greenpoint at the airport #bigblogx

Capetown! Wait for gate ... No prob! #bigblogxWaiting part X shopping at dutyfree #bigblogx

Before arriving safe and sound!

#bigblogx #southafrica IRL is go

Didi from South Africa (blogging from Belgium)

didi belgium

Didi was met at the airport by HI after a long journey to Belgium! She said she felt extremely special to be picked up and taken back to the hostel and likened it to feeling a little like ‘Miss South Africa’!

didi1 didi2 didi3

After settling in and unpacking, she joined the HI team for drinks and dinner!


Jeremy Fowler from Canada (blogging from Malaysia)


Jeremy has arrived to Malaysia safe and sound! He’s had a busy first day in Malaysia so far, and has even seen some elephants!

Chee Chingy from Malaysia (blogging from Canada)

Welcome to Canada, @cheeChingy! Have an incredible 10 days

Chee spent her first day/night in Canada in Vancouver, and has already been exploring the sites, relaxing and tasting the food and drink!

chee2chee vancouver

She took the ‘sky train’ to Canada’s largest mall – and took this photo whilst on the way! What a fantastic view!


Follow all 16 of our winning bloggers over at the bigblogexchange.org , where all of their posts, pictures and experiences will be published daily on the wall.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in 10 days? Do so through our bloggers eyes!

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