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The day you have all been waiting for!

Hostelling International are pleased to announce that the Big Blog Exchange competition site has now officially launched, which means that interested bloggers are now able to sign up for the opportunity of a lifetime, divulge their inspiration for travelling and encourage their family and friends to vote!

Since launching the trailer and teaser site on the 1st February, 1000 excited bloggers have subscribed to our notification channel, where they have waited anxiously for this moment, the competition launch today!

So far, a whole host of bloggers from around the globe have tweeted, shared and blogged in anticipation of the launch, with several already disclosing their inspiration and motivation for taking part. On Twitter alone, the project has reached 340,000 tweeters. Whilst on Facebook, our 17,000 fans have been leaving their feedback about the project on a regular basis.

UK blogger Glen Shorey, from Adventures of Wheelchair Boy has a particularly poignant motivation for taking part, which he wrote about on his blog (theadventuresofwheelchairboy.blogspot.co.uk). Diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at a young age, he is hoping to be one of the lucky 16 bloggers so that he can travel for the first time in seven years.

As soon as I read about this exciting opportunity, my eyes lit up. Obviously, being able to go abroad without worrying about the cost is a great relief but this is exactly what I have been waiting for since I began my blog last year. Glen explained.

I want to change people’s mind-set when it comes to disability. By participating in the Big Blog Exchange, hopefully my blog will gain further exposure and taking it international will only assist in spreading the word of Wheelchair Boy. I want to change the world for the better, even if it is only minimal. He added.

Hostelling International’s unique position in the market means that the competition is being promoted worldwide through its associations with other countries. Unlike other hostel providers, Hostelling International is a not-for profit organisation which exists to give young people everywhere the opportunity to travel using affordable hostels. Its mission believes that by encouraging this, there will be a better world understanding.

Whether you enjoy reading blogs, and want to discover a few new exciting blogs to read (as you will be able to search bloggers by genre), whether you want to vote for your favourites, or whether you want to take part, the Big Blog Exchange is now live, and ready for you to take part.

What’s your inspiration?

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