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Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour is the largest movement celebrating human actions towards more sustainable planet and once again it’s nearly upon us. Even though our planet is currently facing various environmental issues, there is still a chance to make impossible possible and make the world we live in a better place not just for us but also for following generations. However, the path towards sustainable future may be only effective when done collectively. It needs every one of us. Be a part of something brilliant and join Earth Hour even this year at 8.30pm, Saturday 23 March by switching off your lights for an hour. Do not forget this is just a starting point, there is much more we can do, so read on to see the selection of a few HI pledges.

HI Earth Hour Pledges

Last year, all of us here at the HI head office chose to make our pledges for Earth Hour. We re-visited the pledges this year, by asking several of those in the office whether they have fulfilled what they proposed to do and what have they realized by making them happen.

Our CEO Mikael Hansson was supporting the pledge of not wasting valuable water which he has fulfilled and added: “I’m more conscious about water issues even though I’m originally from Sweden, which is the country with no water problem”.

Nichola’s pledge was to teach her children to become environmental ambassadors and she can proudly say now that both of her girls are participating in an initiative to sustain the planet. They are both in charge of recycling within their class and they tend to encourage other kids to follow their steps.

Louise with her coffee cups initiative said: ‘I have greatly reduced the number of take away coffees I buy, and ensure I only purchase fair-trade when I do. The rest of the time, I make my own coffee at work in my mug’.

Ally and Rahul have supported their pledge by ensuring that their lights are turned off when not required and they have also bought energy saving bulbs. This has resulted in a noticeable difference, as there is now a 30% reduction in their energy bills.

Moreover, our sustainability coordinator Brianda added to her socially conscious shopper pledge: “Stop, get informed, think and then buy is my motto. It helps me to do my best when I go shopping and focus on local, seasonal, what it’s made of, who is the producer, is it an endangered species or in Greenpeace’s red list fish? … There is so much information you can get today about a product! ”

Many National Associations and Hostels within the HI network will also be turning off their lights and hosting fun Earth Hour activities within their hostels, events such as night excursions, campfires, storytelling, fair-trade coffees and teas, discussions about climate change, homemade cookies, ghost stories, unplugged music and lots of candles. You can expect more details about hostels’ initiatives in a near future.

So what are you doing to change the world?

Earth Hour 2013

Don’t forget to Like the Earth Hour Facebook Page and also visit the official Earth Hour website to see what’s happening all around the world!

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