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Celebrate the tulip week in Italy

The botanical gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania are located between Intra and Pallanza. They are known worldwide because of their beauty and the richness of floral species (about 20,000 in an area of about 16 hectares).

Gardens date back to 1931, when Captain Neil Byd McEacharn, a Scottish gentleman, acquired the property (called La Crocetta, at that time) by the Marchioness of St. Elias, with the aim of turning it into one of the major botanic gardens in the world.

The gardens were donated by Captain McEacharn to the Italian State and were opened to the public in 1952 for the first time.

However, the importance of the garden is not only due to its botanic heritage, but also due to beauty and harmony of the whole contest, where the English style is perfectly melted with Italian elements as statues, fountains, ponds, terraces, waterfalls etc…

From spring to autumn a lot of events are organised to admire the suggestive flowers in bloom, as the Week of Tulips in April, the Flowering Dahlias from July to October or the event Publishing and Gardens in September.

To celebrate the Tulip Week (April 18th – 25th) Verbania youth hostel has launched two nights special deal:

  • Two overnights in dorms + buffet breakfast + welcome drink + entrance to Villa Taranto for 2 people: EUR 54.00.

The Gardens will be enlivened by over 80,000 bulbs in bloom and the starring will be the tulip, of course.

Did you know that the name ‘tulip’ come from Turkish “tullband,” which means ‘hat’ or ‘turban’ because of its shape?

This flower had a great popularity in Turkey in the sixteenth century during reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, who wanted many varieties of tulip planted everywhere.

Over 65 varieties will offer visitors an indescribable show of lights, colors and scents. Visitors will be also able to see the “Queen of Night” (the Black Tulip) and the imposing “Big Chief” with its 10 cm corolla.

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