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Top 5 Unique Restaurants!

If you love food as much as you love travelling, then these 5 restaurants are a must see on your globe-trotting route or even can be the inspiration for a weekend away

Sky Restaurant, Belgium

Based in Belgium, the Sky Restaurant is a taste experience that takes serving food quite literally, to another level. Using a crane to raise its diners, tables and waiting staff 150 feet into the air, it is certainly one of most unusual restaurants around and is available for wedding parties and business meetings. If you’re not in Belgium anytime soon, “Dinner in The Sky” has several mobile services available in 15 nations, and has previously operated in various cities including Paris and Las Vegas.

Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is an incomparable experience. It is best to dine barefoot since guests sit at the feet of a real waterfall where the crystalline water weaves its way through the tables. Traditional Philippian cuisine can be enjoyed whilst admiring the sparkling waterfall which has almost been untouched nature. The restaurant is located in Quezon province in Philippines, about two hours’ drive from the capital Manila, where you could enjoy your stay in Microtel Mall of Asia or Hostel Where 2 Next.

Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Soneva Kiri tree dinning pot is located in Koh Kood, a Thai island almost untouched by human hands. This dream location offers a 16ft suspended tree dining pod that plays host to your exclusive eating experience. The island is located 3 hours away from beautiful beaches of Rayong where your journey can be complimented by a stay in HI Rayong.

Dans Le Noir, England

This popular restaurant in London has a very unusual selling point – everything is done in the dark. All the waiting staff are blind and lead diners to their place. Once seated, guests share tables, allowing them to socialize and share their experiences. This restaurant in comparison to all above focuses on a beauty of conversation. The menu is formed by a choice of different coloured cards where ‘white’ means they have no restrictions, ‘green’ means the food is vegetarian, ‘red’ means no seafood and ‘blue’ means seafood. There are several hostels close to this unusual attraction but two of our best ones are include YHA London Central and YHA Oxford Street.

Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

With a striking pod like structure built ten metres high into the trees Redwood’s Treehouse, Redwood’s Treehouse is one of the most astonishing and memorable venues in New Zealand. Perfect for a relaxed evening, private party or corporate entertaining, it is the ideal venue to impress. The menu is based primarily on fresh, seasonal products and is prepared by passionate staff from the prestigious Gatting’s team. This unique retreat is located just 45 minutes north of Auckland, where you will find two of our fantastic eco hostels to complete your trip-YHA Auckland International or Auckland City YHA.

Which one would you like to visit the most?

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