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Top 5 Cultural Capitals for 2013

If you are looking for places worthy of a visit, where you can physically feel the vibrant tradition of hospitality, you should focus your attention on these cultural scenes, whose appeal has been awarded by the experts.

Marseille, France

As one of two European cultural pearls for 2013, Marseille, located in the south of France is working hard making last-minute preparations for its award winning year. Their aim is to transform the city into an enormous playground full of creative talents performing in various cultural hotspots. Throughout the year, the city will buzz with street dances and contemporary art, in turn highlighting the uniqueness of this location. – Bonneveine Hostel

Kosice, Slovakia

Europe’s second culture capital in 2013 is actually the very first city in Slovakia to ever have held the title. Kosice is planning a fabulous debut on the European stage, with events such as the ‘Night of Museums and Galleries’, the public art ‘Use the City Festival’ where residents and tourists can decorate the city, in addition to celebrations of music, folk culture, dance, and even Roma culture. – Hostel Veľký Slavkov  – Apartmány Village

Barranquilla, Colombia

Barranquilla, in Colombia has been named as the American Capital of Culture for 2013. The port city is famous for its annual Carnival, as well as its traditional folk music ‘cumbia’ and its cultural dances. As Colombia’s fourth largest city, Barranquilla is known for its nightlife, historical buildings, and dining scene. – Hostel Santa Marta – The Dreamer Hostel

Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is home to the first ever UK City of Culture. The historic city of Derry-Londonderry will be celebrating the title with a night-time light festival, the world’s biggest Irish festival, and lots of other cultural, art, and sporting events. – Hostel Bushmills

Beijing, China

Innovation is part of the culture therefore it shouldn’t be overlooked. Beijing, with its focus on emerging design, creative training programs, new architecture, and urban planning, all fostered by its vibrant community of creators, has been honored this year as a UNESCO’s City of Design. – HI Hostels in Beijing

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