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Have you ever wondered why it is impossible to divide food and love? Nothing brings people together like sharing an appetizing meal and making conservation across the table, especially when dinner is composed with one of those ingredients:

1. Oysters

Oysters are a well-known and well used aphrodisiac and a sure symbol of passion. The film ‘Casanova’, along with their salty, sweet taste and soft texture are just a few aspects that have contributed to their romantic reputation. Raw oysters are best served with lime juice and a glass of chilled Champagne but can also add romantic appeal to a simple meal with vegetables and herbs.  To experience this amazing food you could visit one of the ‘Oyster homelands’, Canada, and enjoy a stay in almost untouched natural environment at HI St Johns City Hostel.

HI St Johns City Hostel, St Pierre et Miquelon Island, Canada

Private rooms start from £26.12

2. Caviar

Caviar is another highly sensual food. Our Location Hostel Ligovskiy 74 is the prime spot to visit beautiful Sankt Petersburg where you can spend splendid weekend away enjoying the cultural capital of Russia and its amazing cuisine. There is nothing like a romantic dinner with a special caviar dish, and champagne to flatter elegant meal.

Location Hostel Ligovskiy 74, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Private rooms start from £36.50

3. Basil

Basil is a powerful aphrodisiac and is also the most commonly found and effective, with an appealing aroma and a stimulating taste. All you need for a romantic meal is a sprinkle of dried basil in your pasta. Our La Casa sul Lago Hostel is located near picturesque Trasimeno Lake in the heart of Italy where you can fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes and amazing cuisine of Italy.

La Casa sul Lago Hostel, Trasimeno Lake, Italy

Private rooms start from £36.50


Chocolate is one of the most romantic and ‘romance stimulating’ foods and is often referred to as life’s culinary pleasure. This aphrodisiac makes the brain release endorphins that make people feel loved and happy, and alongside flowers is the most popular St Valentine’s Day gift. Situated in a the centre of Brussels, our Bruegel Hostel is in the ideal area to spot city’s main attractions and taste the most famous chocolate in the world.

Bruegel Hostel, Brussels, Belgium

Private rooms start from £47

5. Chillies

If you love spicy food and tropical resorts then HI’s Mexican Hostel & Cabanas Ida y Vuelta Camping is the place to be. You can taste one of the world’s strongest aphrodisiac on one of the gorgeous sandy beaches, surrounded by palm trees. Chillies contain capsaicin that is responsible for increased heart rate and blood pressure, heat and influx of endorphins. They really set people’s hearts on fire!

Mexican Hostel & Cabanas Ida y Vuelta Camping, Holbox Island, Mexico

Private rooms start from £36.50

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